The Seasonal Deep Clean

The seasons come and go in the blink of an eye, and we know at Maid to Shine that the busyness of life doesn’t pause for any of it. So, what about those seasonal deep cleans? Even if we regularly clean our homes, routinely deep cleaning our homes with the onset of new seasons is important. An easy way to combat seasonal dirt issues is to hire a professional cleaning service to maintain your home. This is one of the easiest options since it leaves you free to get to other, important engagements or projects. It leaves you with a sense of peace. No matter how busy life gets, your home is taken care of. But if you’re the sort of person who likes to do it yourself, you’re in luck! This week’s topic is all about what to with your spring and fall cleanings.

It’s easy for us to overlook hidden objects or hard to clean areas from week to week as we go about our regular cleaning routine. When it comes to seasonal, deep cleans, keep an eye out for these key areas. They might be behind or underneath your sinks, behind and around the toilets, your ceiling fans, your windows, your air vents, or underneath furniture—such as the bed, couches, recliners etc. When it comes to seasonal cleanings, make a list of the critical areas that need extra attention. If your seasonal cleaning process looks as though it might take more than a day to finish, split up the list over several days so that you’re not overwhelmed or burnt out. While you’re cleaning these areas, keep an eye out for more build up in other areas. Grime and dust build up over time, little by little. Hand wiping knick-knacks, scrubbing the overhead and back of the stove, and wiping down baseboards are all good ideas. Pulling objects off of shelves cleaning all of them (and the shelf) before putting them back is helpful as well. Move the beds, dressers, and other pieces of furniture to get the floors and baseboards that you can’t get to on a regular basis. Dust, hair, and pet fur like to hide in these places.

Be creative with your seasonal cleanings. Your home and family will thank you for the regular, deeper cleans with every change of the season, or call Maid to Shine for your own, personalized maid service!

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    • Thanks for this blog post! All these posts have such great content. I like how you mentioned the importance of moving things off the shelves and wiping them off individually rather than just dusting everything at once. So much dust can be left behind.

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