Secrets to Keeping a Clean, Organised, & Functional Home, Pt 1

This week we’ll discuss little habits you can do in your cleaning routine to keep your home clean, functional, and organised. Sometimes, cleaning involves us rolling up our sleeves and dedicating hours to getting up the grime.

And sometimes cleaning and organisation is incredibly simple. It’s the little steps we do every time we put something away or use other items. It’s throwing things away once we’ve finished needing them. The habits you cultivate in your every day life impacts the state of your home. And these secret habits will help keep your home cleaner than ever before!

* Don’t Let Grime Build Up: clean often enough to keep dirt and build up from scumming our home. This includes dusting; scrubbing toilets, sinks, and tubs; wipe up spills immediately (off of doors, floor, counter, etc.); sweep up; vacuum often; wipe off handles and light switches.

* Throw Away Clutter: throw away clutter as soon as it isn’t needed. This means old receipts, mail, junk mail, trash, and anything you don’t need. Don’t let clutter build up. Get rid of it as soon as you possibly can.

* Don’t Keep Items You Don’t Need: donate or toss out items you don’t actually need. To a certain extent there are some things we don’t have to use every day (or very often) to truly need them. But we do have objects in our home that we save “in case we need it in ten years”. Be honest as you go through your home. What do you really need? What can you get rid of? The more you give away, donate, or sell, the less cluttered your home will be. Your spaces will be tidier, and it’ll be easier to clean them.

These are just three habits to cultivate. Next week we’ll look at three more secrets to keeping your home clean and functional. Let us know how these tips help you, and if you have any cleaning tips that help make cleaning your home easier!

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