Spot Cleaning Your Home

This week, your local maid service will be discussing all things to do with spot cleaning! Here at Maid to Shine, we know that there are lots of helpful little tips to ensure you can clean your very best. Even when the local cleaning service comes regularly to clean your lovely home, there are still times when everyone has to invest time in cleaning too. Not only do we want to clean your homes, but we’re here to ensure everyone is equipped with useful cleaning knowledge themselves!

No matter how clean any of us keep our homes, apartments, etc. we all have spotty items in our homes. From the fingerprints on the sliding doors, to the kids’ greasy, messy hands on the television—splatters and spots and smears happen. They build up on your furniture, the walls, tables, and picture frames. That said, this reality doesn’t have to dictate your home. That’s where spot cleaning comes in. It’s an easy habit to form, and it keeps your home looking fresh, new, and lovely in the in between times when the professional cleaners aren’t around to help.

Spot cleaning is simple in its execution. The idea behind it, is to wipe up the spots as you do your regular cleanings, week by week; and this prevents all of the spots and smears from building up and becoming a hassle further on. How should you go about spot cleaning your home? It’s easy! While you’re cleaning the rest of your home, keep a damp rag—that’s been soaked with your go-to cleaner—on you. As you are cleaning, keep a weather eye out for spots on the furniture, tables, and even the windows. When you come to those pesky spots, simply wipe them up with your spot cleaning rag before moving on. The most important aspect of Maid to Shine’s trick this week: simply keep up with the spot cleaning. It’s easier to spot clean as you go so that you don’t fall behind. Every time you dust, sweep, vacuum, or do any sort of cleaning, form a good habit by including this step as you clean.

This trick will give your home that professional house cleaners look, with minimal effort on your part!

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