How Do I Switch from Chemical to Natural Cleaners?

It’s no secret that we’re hugely in favour of all natural cleaners at Maid to Shine. It’s all we use to clean your homes. We believe it’s better for the environment, your home, you, your family, and your fur friends! But once you’ve been convinced that all natural, green cleaners are for you, how do you go about switching to cleaning all natural in your home?

It can be mind numbing sifting through all of the natural products, the articles, the dos and don’ts. How do you know whether you can trust an “all natural” product? Is it truly all natural? Which of the all natural products actually work? Which of the natural products can be used on every surface? Or are some natural products only suited for specific surfaces?

Don’t Let Switching to Natural Products Scare You

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the thought of switching your cleaners from chemical to natural, don’t fret. We’re here to help you navigate these waters.

Who says that switching from one to another has to be hard? It doesn’t have to be! This switch can be easy and painless. It’s about changing our mindset and the way we think about cleaning.

Three Tips to Help You Find an All Natural Cleaning Groove—EASILY!

You Don’t HAVE to Switch from Chemical to All Natural Over Night: the change from chemicals to all natural, green cleaners doesn’t have to happen instantly. Give yourself a grace period. Do your research thoroughly before shelling out money for products. After you’ve done your research, found products that will work, lay out a plan to begin bringing those products in. If you add them to your cleaning routine little by little, it allows you to see just how well each product is working. If one product doesn’t work, switch it out for another. Do this until you’ve completely switched over all of your cleaners.

Do Careful Research: before you dive in and buy anything and everything that has “all natural” slapped onto it, be sure to do careful and thorough research. Not every “all natural” product is really natural. It’s helpful to research what makes a product all natural, which are and which aren’t, and then find out which are the best.

It’s also wise to research which of the all natural products really work, and if some work better than others. Some products might work great in some circumstances, but not so much in others. Vinegar is a “tried and true” all natural cleaner, but it can be bad news for some surfaces. Knowing the surfaces that are safe to use vinegar on, and which aren’t, is important before using it.

Which of the all natural products tackle bacteria? Which of them sanitize? Are they fragrance free? Do they use essential oils? Can you make up your own?

Hire Professional Cleaners Who Clean All Natural: what if you want to hire professional cleaners to clean for you, but you don’t want them to use harsh, unhealthy chemicals in your home? Believe it or not, there are maid services out there that use all natural, green cleaners! Maid to Shine is one such company. It helps to read a company’s policy to see what is in the cleaners they are using or if they’re open to using your cleaners to clean your home. But if you’re in the Colorado Springs or Denver area, Maid to Shine has got you covered! And we only use green products, and we would be delighted to clean your residence for you!

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