Tackling Laundry Without Any Dread, Pt 1

The running joke in cleaning circles is how hard it is for us to get to our laundry, and once it’s been washed it takes even longer to fold it and put it away. For whatever reason, laundry is a task that we dread doing. We joke about the mountains of laundry in our home,

But this doesn’t have to be the case! We can be the laundry pros and never have to worry about mountains of laundry ever again!

We’re here with a few ideas and tips to help you find the motivation to clean your clothes, along with some good habits that will help you tackle laundry without the dread.

The Do’s

*Determine to Actually Do Your Laundry: make a determined resolution in your mind to be efficient at doing your laundry and getting it done when you say you will. Sometimes, it really comes down to mind over matter. If we think it’s a drudgery, then it becomes a drudgery.

*Do the Laundry Regularly: the smaller the load, the quicker it is to fold it and put it away. If you really apply yourself to the job, you’ll find it’s a small one. You can do other chores while the laundry is being washed or dry; and small loads take very little time to fold. It’s no more than 20 minutes to fold a moderate load of laundry when we really get down to it.

*Get Your Family to Help: there’s no need for one person in the family to do all of the laundry alone. Enlist the help of your family members. Even if you have young kids you can teach them to fold little things (sorting socks, folding wash cloths, etc.).

*Fold it Immediately: there are two perks to folding laundry immediately. If you let laundry sit in a laundry basket for too long it can get wrinkled, which makes it unsightly and messy to wear. The other is that once it’s done, it’s DONE. You can stop worrying about it. It isn’t a stressful hassle nagging you any longer.

*Find Something Entertaining to do While Folding Laundry: distract yourself with something like music, a podcast, a movie, or a tv show. Laundry isn’t that bad if our brain is focusing on something else!

And that’s just the start! Next week we’ll take a peak at a few more “do’s” and then several “don’t’s”!

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