Tackling Laundry Without Any Dread, Pt 2

We’re back with some more laundry tips to make your chores significantly easier! Keeping the tips from the last post in mind, we’ll share a few more do’s for laundry… and then some don’ts!

*Do it On a Day When You have the Time & Do Away With all Distractions: set aside a day to do this on the regular, and do it when you have the time. If you don’t have time to fold the laundry and put it away, then the clean laundry will just sit in a basket and get stale.

*Put it Away Right Away: after you fold the clothes, put them away immediately. While there’s no real harm in letting folded clothes sit in a laundry basket, it’s still nurturing the procrastination behind not getting laundry done. Just nip any procrastination in the bud!

The Don’ts

It stands to reason if there are some do’s in cultivating a healthy laundry habit there will be some don’ts as well! Here are a few don’ts we think will help you, too!

*Don’t Cultivate Procrastinating: true, there are times to put things off for a bit, like if we need to reprioritise our work load. But procrastination isn’t the same as reprioritising. Putting things off indefinitely because we don’t feel like it can lead to more work in the long run. And more work in the long run can be a bigger hassle than if we had done each job when they were small.

*Never Let the Laundry Pile Up into an Unmanageable Hoard: when we dread something, it’s easy to procrastinate. But the sad truth is putting things off often means they become unmanageable later on. This is true with laundry. The longer we put it off, the more is put into the pile, and the more there is to clean!

*Don’t Use Your Laundry Basket Like a Closet: sometimes it’s a temptation to wash our clothes, not fold them, and then let them sit in the laundry basket for days. And then we begin using the basket like a closet, and getting our clothes for the day from the basket instead of from closets and our drawers.

This isn’t the worst thing to do, but it definitely lends itself to the habit of procrastinating. If we make it a rule for ourselves not to fall into this habit, then we’re more likely to fold our clothes and put them away immediately.

Implementing these habits will help you get your laundry habits back on track. These habits make laundry a chore that isn’t something you dread. You can tackle it with confidence and ease.

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