Three Easy Tricks to Keep the Woodwork Clean

Cleaning the wood in our homes can be a challenge. From dust to build up over the years, there are agents of dirt out to sabotage the quality lustre and beauty of our wood furniture, fixtures, and floors. Ever wonder how Maid to Shine cleaning techs do such a fantastic job cleaning wood surfaces in our residential cleans? Wonder no more! Here are a few professional tricks that can help you get the same quality cleaning results.

Professional Cleaning Tips for the Woodwork

* Dust the Wood Furniture Often: one of the simplest ways to keep grime and layers of dirt from building up is to dust your wood surfaces often. Of course grime and dirt can still build up on the wood, but this prevents years of dust from caking onto the surface. Dusting the wooden surfaces at least once a week should be enough.

If you do come to a wooden surface that has years of dust accumulated on it, a quick fix is to spray down the surface (with a cleaner safe for your wood) and wiping the hardened dust off.

*Wipe Down Wood Surfaces that are Frequently Touched: skin cells, oils from our fingers, etc. can be transferred to wood that we touch frequently. This builds up a sort of dark, unsightly grime on various wood surfaces—think doors, cupboards, handrails, etc.  Wipe down these surfaces once a month (again, with a wood-safe cleaner). This will not keep the surfaces from getting grime built up, but it’ll also sanitise these high-traffic areas. What a win!

*Do a Once a Year Deep Clean of the Woodwork: sometimes, despite our best cleaning efforts build up will still happen. If that’s the case, you can implement a “Once a Year Cleaning of the Wood”. Instead of dusting and a quick wipe down, set aside enough time to really get down to cleaning off the surfaces entirely. If there’s a lot of woodwork in your house (whether furniture, fixtures, or floors), you can even enlist the help of your kids and significant other! Make it a fun, family cleaning day!

Don’t have time to clean your woodwork yourself? No problem! Maid to Shine is only too happy to come and help you out. Just call our offices to book your own, personalised residential cleaning today.

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  1. Good post, just what I need right now. I am somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to wooden products. Cleaning them is a nightmare. How would you clean underneath them. I often find that it’s easy to miss the dust there. It doesn’t help that I am allergic to it.

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