Tidying Up the Lampshades

Are dusty, fuzzy lampshades putting a cramp on your clean home style? Or, you might glance at your lampshades in panic, realising you never even thought about cleaning your lamp shades! Even though it’s a tricky item to clean—or an item we overlook—there are plenty of professional tips for cleaning our lampshades so that they’re up to code with the rest of our homes.

What You’ll Need

Getting your lamps dust free is very easy! You’ll only need three items for this task:

* Whisk Broom

* Soft, Clean Cloth

* Vacuum

Gather all of the tools together. Gently grabbing the bottom of the lamp shade, take the whiskbroom and begin whisking off the dust, dirt, and/or fuzz. Begin at the top and work your way down. Be sure to use gentle, soft-but-firm strokes. You don’t want to damage the lampshade, but it’s also important to pull off all of the dust and fuzz. Once you’ve finished one section, carefully turn the lampshade and complete the next section. Work your way around the circumference of the shade, back to where you began.

This whiskbroom method works especially well for cloth lampshades; however, if you have a plastic-like or smooth lampshade, use the soft, clean cloth to pull of the dust and fuzz. If there is a build up of grime, you can even use a small amount of all-natural cleaner to help loosen the dirt. This makes it easier to wipe off.

After you’ve finished whisking (or wiping down) the lamp shades, use the cloth to wipe off any dust and debris that has fallen onto the any furniture or tables close at hand. Once this has been finished, vacuum up the floor where dust might have fallen.

This nifty little, professional tip will have your lampshades looking pristine and like new in no time! Even though it makes an incredibly dramatic difference in the appearance of your lampshades, it is incredibly quick and easy to clean them.

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