What Tools Does a Cleaning Kit Need?

There’s no end to the cleaning tips and advice that can be found on this blog. We cover a variety of topics, cleaning methods—all to help you find better, easier ways to clean your home! We’re passionate about cleaning, and helping you find easier ways to maintain the cleaning of your home.

One of the ways that can help is knowing the right sort of tools one should keep in their home cleaning kits! There are so many tools out on the market; they’re all tailored for cleaning and promise to make your life easier. But which cleaning tools are important? Which of them do you actually need?

The Handiest Tools for Your Home Cleaning Kit

The following list is by no means extensive, and it doesn’t cover the obvious (like all surface cleaner, toilet brushes, brooms, etc.); but it is a list of helpful cleaning tools that might not be obvious and will make your cleaning routine easier.

Baking Soda— Why baking soda? What can it possibly do for your cleaning routine? Baking soda is a fantastic, all natural scrubbing agent. It’s an abrasive that doesn’t scratch surfaces. Sprinkle a little into the bowl of the toilet, sink, bathtubs, or shower floors. Use a scrubbie and cleaning agent to work up a paste and scrub out the scum from the surfaces; and rinse thoroughly when you’re through!

Feather Duster & Lamb’s Wool Duster— Two different dusters? Yes, and they both have unique purposes in the cleaning routine. Feather dusters are absolutely perfect for pulling dust off of furniture, objects, shelves, and frames on the walls. On the other hand, a lamb’s wool duster is long. It’s able to reach things that are a little bit harder to reach without too much inconvenience. You can use it to dust doors from top to bottom, ceiling fans, baseboards, and reach under furniture that’s on a hard surface.

Squeegee— This tool is an incredibly nifty asset for the cleaning kit! It makes cleaning showers and the tiled walls of bathtubs a cinch. After you’ve finished off scrubbing the walls or glass doors, quickly rinse them with water and use the squeegee to dry them off.

Toothbrush— This little guy is a real game changer. It’s really great for cleaning small, tight crevices you can’t get to otherwise with just a finger and rag. It’s perfect for getting around toilet lid hinges, light switch plates, or around faucets. Keep two on hand: one for gross areas (such as the toilet), and one for faucets and light switches.

Microfiber Cloths— This might be the crown jewel of your cleaning kit. The microfiber can really give a thorough clean a magical spark. Use it to buff out and polish up a variety of surfaces: glass doors, windows, counter tops, wood, sink surfaces, faucets, oven doors, refrigerators, mirrors, etc. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using microfibre magic to polish your home.

These tools can change your cleaning habits in small ways that makes a lasting, huge impact in the way you clean your home. Try out the tools with the suggestions above, and see what other ways these tools can be used to clean your home!

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