Tricks for an Immaculately Clean Mirror

What’s the best cleaning hacks for cleaning your mirror? Have you ever wondered how professional cleaners seem to clean them with seemingly little effort? Mirrors are one of those objects in our home that seem impossible to clean—perfectly. But, believe it or not, it’s actually much easier to clean your mirror and have it look pristine!

Secrets to Getting Your Mirror Perfectly Clean

*Have the Right Tools: this can make such a huge difference in the outcome of your mirror. Wiping down a mirror with paper towels can be great for getting a lot of the initial gunk from the surface, but having a microfiber cloth enhances the results. Use a microfiber cloth to buff out any smears left on the mirror after the first wipe down. This will give you the perfect, shiny surface you’re looking for. It’s also helpful to buff the mirror in circular motions, instead of back and forth.

*Don’t Over Soak the Mirror with Your Cleaner: when you spray down the mirror, don’t overdo it with the cleaning solution. This can cause more smears across the surface, creating more work for you and making it harder to clean—or even wipe dry.

*Check the Mirror at Every Angle: when you’re at the buffing stage, look at the mirror from every which angle. Looking at the mirror from different angles (in strong, natural light) can reveal different smears that might have been missed. Once you find a “hidden” smear from that angle, you can quickly buff it out.

*Clean the Mirrors Once a Week: once you’ve begun to maintain your mirrors, the final step to having consistently clean mirrors is to clean them at least once a week. This makes it much easier to get them perfectly clean. Why? The build-up that accumulates every week will be wiped off, and the less build-up there is, the easier it will be to buff it out.

Cleaning your mirror to absolute perfection really is that easy. It takes quick, observant eye and a great deal of dedication; but those immaculate mirrors that look as if a professional cleaned them isn’t an impossible accomplishment!

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