Vacuuming or Sweeping? Care for Your Hardwood Floor

The cleaning world is abundant with various cleaning methods for our hardwood floors. But one of the key questions you might have is “should I vacuum or sweep my hardwood floors?” Which method is better for my floor? Which one gets dirt off better? Which one is more efficient?

The Pros & Cons of Sweeping or Vacuuming Hard Floors

Whether we should vacuum or sweep comes down to personal preference and how one works best. Neither method is superior. It’s a matter of what works best for each individual cleaner, and what they prefer. And any “downside” to sweeping or vacuuming is something that can be worked around!

Vacuuming is a faster method and involves a lot less work. With the myriad of attachments available, it is easier than ever to get in tight corners, edges of the floor, or hard to reach places that a broom can’t reach.

On the other hand, the downside is that sometimes the air suction can spread more crumbs, and rolling the vacuum across the floor could potentially scratch a real wood floor. The brush roller is another item to consider. Some vacuums can’t “turn off” the brush roller. Look to see whether or not yours has that ability. If not, the brush roll can damage the hard floor, and the hard floor can damage the brush roller. If your brush roller can’t be turned off, then sweeping is a better alternative. As well, the convenient speed of a vacuum can make it difficult to be completely thorough. The temptation of a “good vacuum” might mean we miss sections of floor.

Sweeping is more nuanced. It gives you the ability to have more control over what you sweep at your own speed. Some might find the slightly slower pace easier for their workflow and a broom easier to control. The control of a broom makes it easier not to miss crumbs if we use a careful eye. A broom is also a great option for delicate floor surfaces that we don’t wish to scuff or scratch.

The downsides of a broom? It can be cumbersome and hard to get into every, little nook. The suction of a vacuum attachment can get all of the crumbs that a broom can’t. If you’re pressed for time, it isn’t as fast as a vacuum is at picking up debris.

You can always elect to use both interchangeably for your needs. Do you find it easier to sweep a hardwood floor than vacuum— maybe a vacuum spreads too many crumbs, but you have more control with a broom? But you also want to get those tight corners, too, with a vacuum. If that’s the case, simply vacuum the edges of your floors and then sweep up the central floor afterwards. You can use the best of both worlds in your floor cleaning endeavours!

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