Your Weekly Wood-Dusting Routine, Pt 1

Sometimes the hardwood floors in our living spaces don’t need a mopping, but those beautiful floors need something to perk them up to keep them looking their best. Dust that settles onto your floors can steal away the natural lustre of wood floors; further yet, it can potentially scratch and damage the finish of those floors.

A regular, quick dusting of your hardwood floors can be a great way to give your lovely hardwood their weekly facelift as well as help protect it from surface damaging dust particles. And Maid to Shine would love to give you a few tips to help you get the best shine from those floors!

Jumping into a Good Hardwood Floor Cleaning Routine

The good news? It’s really easy finding a routine to care for your hardwood floors. You only need a few tools, and the routine is a simple one to implement.

Which Tool to Use?

Finding the right tool to use for your hardwood floors is the first step in your dusting routine. Which tool you use depend on your personal need. Vacuums are great since they have attachments that can get into hard to reach locations; plus, the suction makes it great for pulling dust out of tight cracks and crevices. Microfiber Cloth Mops are one of the best dusting products out there. The fibres of these cloths are almost magnetic in the way that they attract and pull up dust from surfaces. They’re incredibly proficient at picking up dust and holding onto them. Microfiber cloth mops glide easily over the surface of wood floors, and they’re easy to guide, twist, and turn across the floor and under furniture. Brooms are a very traditional sweeping resource for floors. For some, they can give the cleaner a greater sense of “control” than other floor-cleaning tools.

All of these tools are great tools for cleaning floors. Experiment to find which of these (or any combination of these) work for you. There’s no right or wrong combination of techniques, it simply depends on what works best for you.

Next week, we’ll look into a few techniques that are perfect for dusting your hardwood floors!

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