What is Cleaning Paste?

What is cleaning paste? How do you use it? Is it worth it? This week we’ll discuss ways to use cleaning paste.

Cleaning paste is a substance that can be used to scrub up dirt and grime. There are different brands of cleaning paste. So choosing which one to use is a matter of personal preference. Do you find that one brand works better than another? Is one a better price point? What do the reviews say? Choose which brand to use based on your needs and your budget.

Do you clean all natural? Good news! It’s easy to find all natural cleaning paste! And if you are an all natural cleaner, then cleaning paste is an exceptional tool! Sometimes natural cleaners don’t cut through dirt and grime as easily as chemical cleaners. That’s where cleaning paste comes in. It helps you scrub up tough patches of dirt with a lot more ease.

Tips for Using Cleaning Paste

A Little Goes a Long Way: the beauty of cleaning paste? A little goes a very long way. Just a dab can clean your entire kitchen sink. Just a little bit more will clean out your bathtub. It can be used to clean up stove tops, the insides of ovens, sinks, tubs, tiles, etc.

Do not use it on plastic. It is an abrasive (although a gentle abrasive), and it will scratch up your plastic surfaces.

Scrubbing Pads are Great Tools to Use with Cleaning Paste: how do you use the paste to scrub up dirt? A scrubbing pad is the perfect vehicle for scrubbing up the dirt. Just pull up a tiny bit of the paste with a clean scrubbing pad, spread the paste across the surface that you’re cleaning, and use your scrubbing pad to work up the dirt and grime.

Use Water & Fresh Rags to Wipe it Off: when you’re finished, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse off the paste with water. It will leave an unsightly film on the surface otherwise. If you can’t rinse it off with water— such as inside the oven— use a damp, clean rag to wipe down the surfaces. Be sure to wipe up every single bit of the paste until there is no residue left.

Cleaning paste is a very simple cleaning tool, but it will it’s handy for those tough patches of dirt and grime. And if you’re an all-natural cleaner, it makes scrubbing even easier for you!

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