What To Do When You Don’t Have Time to Clean

Keeping on top of a busy household may make you feel like you work full-time for a house cleaning company. The moment you are done cleaning, it’s time to start over at the beginning. That can be discouraging. However, a few hacks can help you maintain a sense of order in your house even when you don’t have time for deep cleaning.

Pick the Most Important Task and Do It Now

Some messes are messier than others: dirty dishes all over the counter, an unmade bed, or clothes strewn across the floor. Your room may not be perfectly neat and organized, but making the bed will give a sense of order to the room. You may not have time to make your kitchen worthy of Martha Stewart, but doing the dishes will keep it from looking like chaos reigns. Ignore the dust on the ceiling fan and tackle the biggest eyesores.

Set Aside 10 Minutes Each Day

Set the timer and start putting things away. Work as quickly as you can. What if some things don’t have a place? Ignore them for now. Focus on the simple tasks: putting shoes in the closet, coffee cups in the dishwasher, etc. You can take time to organize the other stuff later.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in Every Bathroom

It’s amazing how the smallest inconveniences can get in the way of cleaning. If you must gather cleaning supplies each time you need to scrub the bathroom sink, you’ll probably put off cleaning on a regular basis. Simplify your life by keeping cleaning supplies in each bathroom. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can improve your bathroom by running a cloth over the sink and counter.

Sort the Mail Each Day

Oh how tempting it is to put the mail in a pile to deal with later! This habit creates piles of paper that become overwhelming. Take a few minutes to sort the mail each day as it arrives. Don’t set it down! Stand by the trash and toss junk mail immediately. Then handle whatever is left. If you can’t deal with a piece of mail right away, put it in a file and make sure you come back to it!

Hire a House Cleaning Company

You have so many options when you hire a house cleaning company! Most people think of a weekly cleaning service. That is certainly an option, but there is more. Can’t get around to scrubbing the baseboards and washing the walls? You can hire for periodic deep cleaning if that’s all you need to keep on top of things.

At Maid to Shine, we can customize a plan that works for you. Let us help you achieve your goals without devoting all your time to house cleaning in Colorado Springs. Get a free quote online or call (719) 640-3276.

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