When Should You Hire A House Cleaning Service?

Relaxing after House Cleaning Service

Some people don’t blink an eye at hiring a house cleaning service. In these instances, people of all socioeconomic status’ hire a house cleaner to tidy up or deep clean their home.

Others may think hiring a Colorado Springs house cleaner is only for the wealthy. It may be looked down upon if you can’t manage a full-time job, raise kids, volunteer, and make sure your house is always spotless.

That’s a lot to manage!

Sure, you’re capable of cleaning your house, but you’re also managing a hundred other details in your life. Scrubbing toilets and showers on your weekend isn’t how you’d like to take a break from a busy week.

Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a house cleaner, but you’re waiting for the perfect time. Consider the following reasons to know when it’s time to hire a Colorado Springs house cleaning service.

1. When You’re Working Full-Time

You work hard all day long. The last thing you want to do is go home and keep working.

Instead, trade this in for coming home to a sparkly clean house so you can relax.

 2. When You Have Kids and Pets

Have you ever organized and deep cleaned your house only to discover an hour later your kids come through like a hurricane and ruined the hours you spent cleaning?

It’s defeating.

Rather than seeing your efforts wasted, hire someone else to do the dirty work for you – like Maid to Shine.

3. When You Have Better Things To Do

Weekends are your time to recharge and play after a long week. No one wants to spend all day Saturday scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, and dusting.

Do more of what you love and hire out tasks like house cleaning that keep you from pursuing your passions.

4. When You Need A Deep Clean

It might be easy to keep surface areas cleaned, but giving your home a deep, deep clean takes time and energy. If we’re honest, it probably doesn’t happen very often.

Well, it’s time. Those nooks and crannies need scrubbed, those baseboards need washed, and your blinds could use a little attention.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by all that needs cleaned, let someone else handle it for you.

 5. When You’re Having Company

It’s your turn to host friends or family for dinner. Having company over always makes a great excuse to clean up and make the house smell clean and fresh.

It’s a lot of work to cook and prepare for the evening let alone scrubbing your floors and dusting your house. Focus on the cooking and entertaining and let someone else do the dirty work.

If you can relate to any of these reasons, hiring a Colorado Springs house cleaning service that is worth the investment.

At Maid to Shine, we’re the local experts who will make your house shine. Our experienced and trustworthy Colorado Springs cleaners will leave your house smelling and looking clean for whatever the occasion.

Contact us by going online for a free quote or call (719) 640-3276.

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38 comments on “When Should You Hire A House Cleaning Service?

  1. I have been thinking about hiring a cleaning company to come and take care of the cleaning jobs now that I am working full time. I need to look at the different rates that companies are offering because I have never hired a cleaning company to come to my home. I just would like to come home and not have to worry about cleaning the place after working from six to nine.

  2. I used to be hesitant in getting a maid service. Why would I pay to have someone do something I could do myself? But then my wife got pregnant and couldn’t keep up with the house work with me working a lot of hours. So we caved and we didn’t look back. It relieved stress and it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be.

  3. My dad is getting on in age and needs help cleaning his home consistently. Could we ever purchase a “cleaning package” from a cleaning company? What I mean is that we would like to have a tailored idea of what will be cleaned and what won’t be cleaned by a maid service. We don’t want to expect a service to do something that they aren’t obligated to do.

  4. I like the idea for when you need a deep clean. That is a smart way to get your house really clean without doing all the work yourself. I hate the spring because I end up doing all the cleaning myself, so maybe I will call a cleaning service instead next time.

  5. Cleaning services are so convenient! Kids and pets are a joy but they do add a little extra mess! Having a clean home really relieves a lot of stress. Plus, a clean home is always inviting!

  6. As a mother, it kind of hurts your pride at first when you hire a cleaning service. However, it is so much easier to keep your home functional, especially when you work and you have kids at home. While I have empathy for the women who can’t get themselves to do it, I enjoy being a lazy bum in a clean home after work. Thank you for a helpful article and for all of your information on how this type of service can help people!

  7. I lived in my last house for about a year. When I moved out, my landlord asked that we have the house cleaned before the new tenants moved in. The contract required that we do a deep cleaning. Not knowing how unbelievably time consuming this task was, I did it myself. I wish I had hired a service to clean. I spent an entire day cleaning my old house when I could have been unpacking things at my new house. Cleaning services are definitely the way to go.

  8. Sometimes it’s great idea to hire a house cleaning services. There is no need to get more tired and to clean the house in hurry, because we are have no time to do a deep cleaning. I do hire a clean services sometimes and I am very grateful from the final results!

  9. Most People thinks ordering “Cleaning Services” is wealthy people job who don’t have time to clean own houses. But I like the way you explained, it is not necessary to be wealthy person. Sometimes most of the older member of families works full time jobs.

    And it is worth to order “Cleaning Services”, during festive seasons, weekends and before upcoming party at your homes.

    I like this post also : https://www.maidtoshinecleaners.com/important-questions-to-ask-when-hiring-house-cleaning-services

    Really Thankful for sharing.

  10. Usually it’s great idea to hire a home cleaning company. There is no need to get more tired and to clean the house in hurry, because we are have no time to do a deep cleaning. I do hire a clean services sometimes and I am very grateful from the final results!

  11. I appreciate your tip on how a professional cleaner can give your house a deep clean. I imagine that a cleaning company could give your house a much better clean than you ever could. My wife and I are finishing up a home remodel, maybe its time to give our house a deep clean.

  12. There are a lot of things here that I have to affect me. I have two dogs and I work full time. Both of those make a very dirty house! They also make it very hard for me to clean any of the mess up. I think it’s time I find a cleaning service.

  13. I used to also think maid services were just for the wealthy until I started pricing it out and realized it’s not as expensive as I thought. Actually, I think it’s really cheap considering the time it saves and they will be much more detailed than I will!

  14. I work, and have 4 kids to carpool to all of their different activities. My home is never clean, because I am never home long enough to clean it. It would be so wonderful to have a cleaning service come to my home and clean it for me. I think if I got it under control, I could keep it up, and having a cleaning service come every couple weeks.

  15. I think that I might get a cleaning service because of that third reason you listed. Like you said, no one wants to spend their Saturdays cleaning. However, that is how the last few Saturdays have been for me. Since I don’t have time to clean during the week, I have to leave everything for the weekend. Who knows, maybe I’ll treat myself and get some cleaners for this weekend coming up. It would definitely be nice to relax.

  16. My wife called me in a frantic tone because her parents are coming this weekend and she wants the house cleaned. In your article, you suggested that having company over always makes a great excuse to clean up and make the house smell clean and fresh. Are there certain rooms that would be best to have a cleaning company clean for this type of situation?

  17. My life is so hectic trying to keep up with three kids and their busy schedules. I can’t remember the last time my home was clean. After reading this, I think it’s time that I hire a housekeeping service. Like you said, after the hurricane of kids, it’s hard to find time to clean up.

  18. I always advise my clients to work with a professional cleaning team when they and their spouse are working full time. Your full time income should more than support the investment, and the time savings makes it more than worth it.

  19. Growing up, both of my parents worked full time jobs and were so buys all of the time! My mom hired a cleaning service to deep clean our house every other week and it was so nice! I loved coming home to a house that smelt good and felt fresh and clean.

  20. I liked when you talked about how if you work full-time it is a good idea to call in cleaning services. It makes sense that taking this into considerations can help you make sure your living space is always clean and presentable. I would want to make sure I take my time and consult with several companies so I can compare their prices and services before I choose the one that I like best.

  21. I liked what you said about how when you are having company is a really good time to hire a cleaning service. My mother is a huge clean freak and I am so busy that I know that I couldn’t get my home clean before a visit from her. So, hiring a cleaning service would make things a lot less stressful for me.

  22. I like your point about kids being messy and making messes all over the house hours after you clean it up. Having a cleaning or maid service would be very handy for those situations. My kids are pretty messy, so a maid would be very welcomed in my house.

  23. In my country this service is quite good middle income people can also use the toilet service comfortably. And the service provided very well

  24. This article has great and funny advice on when to hire a cleaning company. The best advice mentioned was hiring when you need a deep clean in the house. My in laws are coming into town next week and I couldn’t decide if it was worth the effort to hire a company until reading the need to deep clean your home. Thanks for the advice. Now all I need is a company to hire.

  25. I really like how you pointed out that it can become overwhelming to think about deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies. My husband and I may need to move out of our apartment and into something bigger. Hiring a professional cleaning company to do that sort of thing would be a huge relief. I would imagine that most people don’t have a lot of time for cleaning. Having someone come in and do it for you would be a huge help to most.

  26. Many thanks for your post! I would want to make sure I take my time and consult with several companies so I can compare their prices and services before I choose the one that I like best.

  27. I’m glad that you mentioned how relaxing it would be to come home to a clean house everyday. I have been working full time and I don’t feel like the house is as clean as I want it. I’ll try to find a service soon so I don’t feel like there is more work for me when I get home.

  28. The part where you mentioned that working on cleaning on your home is one of the last things you’d like to do when coming home from a full-time work is quite true. That is why I am considering to hire some professional cleaning service to routinely clean my place so that I can avoid making my place look like a dump. I’ll be sure to locate a reputable service to ensure that the job will be done perfectly and that I can easily relax upon coming home. Thanks!

  29. Thanks for explaining when to get a house cleaning service. I didn’t know that they could really help if you want to deep clean the place especially because of the attention of detail the cleaning needs. I’m curious to learn how often a deep cleaning is needed, like if it’s good to get once a year.

  30. I’ll be sure to locate a reputable service to ensure that the job will be done perfectly and that I can easily relax upon coming home. Many Thanks again

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