11 Reasons to Join Our Team






It’s no secret the Maid to Shine team is the best! Sure, we might be a little biased, but take a look at all the reasons you’d be proud to be a member of this great group.




#1. Your Pay Check Won’t Disappoint

An average team member can expect to make $14-$16 an hour with weekly paydays (Average $500-$600 a week)!


#2. Our Clients Rock

Tips from clients aren’t anything out of the ordinary and if they don’t treat you right we fire them!


#3. No Working Nights and No Working Weekends 

Your schedule is set and your nights and weekends are only reserved for family and friends.


#4. Birthday Paid Off

Have a full day to pamper yourself. It’s our gift to you!


#5. Paid Sick Leave

We understand that everyone gets a little cold here and there, so grab some soup and drink plenty of water, we just want you feeling better!


#6. Vacation Pay

Take a trip and leave behind the worry of not getting paid.


#7. Worry Free Days Off

NEVER get called in on your days off. We mean it!


#8. Health Insurance

You take care of us and we’ll take care of you!


#9. Vision Insurance

We think seeing well is pretty important so we got you covered!


#10. 401K Retirement Plan (starting 2018)

Your future matters to us so we want to start helping you prepare for it now!


#11. Paid Extensive Training to Guarantee Your Success

Never go into a cleaning feeling unprepared. We teach you our ways all while you get paid!


Convinced? No, not yet? Well check out our monthly team events that you’d get to be a part of then APPLY HERE!

4 comments on “11 Reasons to Join Our Team

  1. This opportunity looks great and I would love to be considered for it. I will work really hard and I am willing to do what ever it takes to meet the client needs. I have some cleaning experience so I know what it takes to do a through job. Please consider me for this job! I would be an excellent asset to your team! I am trying to save money to earn my degree and this would allow me to do that.

  2. I just submitted my application to join your family. I don’t have career or job “Cleaning Experience” per say. However, in my roles as a Restaurant Manager, Store Manager and Sales Associate positions I have definitely come across some “messy” situations and have earned my cleaning badge in those situations. I have an eye for detail, somewhat OCD when it comes to completing a project and ensuring it’s done beyond expectations. I have an upbeat, outgoing, honest, responsible, find the fun in everything attitude. And I believe that I would be a genuine asset and addition to the team and Maid To Shine Family. Thank You!

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