A Green Cleaning Mindset

So, you want to clean green. You’ve done your research; you’ve found and purchased the certified green products. You’ve gathered your “clean green” arsenal; you’ve organised, and you’re ready to go.  But what if you’ve done all that, and you still feel stuck? How does one even begin to “clean green”? Especially in a world that depends on harsh, corrosive chemicals, it can be hard to know where to even begin a green, cleaning routine.

Cleaning Green Isn’t Just a Product, It’s a Way of Cleaning

It’s one thing to simply buy the recommended products out there, but it’s another thing entirely to implement them and a “clean green” mindset. Cleaning green can go beyond purchasing and using a product. It’s a way of cleaning. Without harsh chemicals, we have to relearn things like scrubbing, cleaning mirrors, leaving things streakless, etc.  Chemicals make it easy to clean. They work up the grime, scum, and hard to scrub areas. They counter the streaks in mirrors, and cut through the gunk on windows. They give glass a streakless shine without the energy and effort.

Switching to cleaning naturally and green isn’t just about switching the products, it’s about the method and the mindset, too. We have to train our minds to think in terms of cleaning green. It is an easy switch, and here at Maid to Shine, we’re here to make it even easier for you!

Vinegar Isn’t a Magical, Natural Cure All: even though all of those trendy magazine and blog articles swear that it’s the magical, fairy-dust, all-natural cleaner, it should be used with caution. While vinegar is all-natural, it is incredibly acidic. This doesn’t mean it’s harmful to people, it just means a little bit of caution should be taken before using it on just any surface. Before you use vinegar on your wooden floors, marble counters, etc. do your research and see how vinegar affects that surface! Which surfaces is it safe to use on? Which is it unsuitable for?

Utilise Microfibre Cloths: think of microfibre cloths at the green-cleaner’s secret weapon. Instead of spending hours trying to get every single streak out of reflective surfaces, mirrors, windows, granite counter tops, and stainless steel—use microfibre cloths to quickly buff out the surface. It will get you a beautiful shine in a matter of minutes!

Dive into the World of Castile Soap: look up castile soap, and all of the perks that come from using it around your home! It’s an all-natural, safe cleaning source. Not only is it plant based, but it gently loosens dirt and grime. It can help degrease and sanitize surfaces without using harsh, caustic chemicals.

Baking Soda is the Perfect, Natural Scrubbing Agent: even though castile soap has a natural way of easing up dirt and grime (making it easier to scrub), we all know there are times when we need a scrubbing ingredient that makes it easier to get dirt up. Baking soda is all natural, cheap to buy in bulk, and the perfect solution for your scrubbing needs! Sprinkle it into your tubs, sinks, showers, and toilet bowls to work up the dirt and grime. Just be sure to completely rinse away the baking soda entirely, or it’ll leave behind a dry crust. If you do happen to forget and some of the baking soda dries on, it’s easy to rinse out!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a start to changing our mindset towards cleaning all-natural. There are very real solutions for an all-natural clean that are tangible, realistic, and easy for anyone.

3 comments on “A Green Cleaning Mindset

  1. I love this list! I use an organic all purpose spray for cleaning but I also employ the use of vinegar and baking soda for certain jobs. And regular ol’ soap. I used to love microfibers but I’ve gotten away from them since they pollute the water system with microplastic. I have gotten the hang of using cotton cloths and quite like them. I love cleaning because it’s such a simple task but also has a profound impact on the humans I clean for! Thanks Michelle, see me at http://www.tetonchroniccleaners.com if you’d like to connect!

  2. “Cleaning Green Isn’t Just a Product, It’s a Way of Cleaning” This is awesome! A clean home is a happy home for sure and utilizing organic products is another happy bonus! Upon receiving a HVAC cleaning you can opt for a natural sanitizing of your ducts, providing a fresh and healthy scent. Thanks for the share!

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