How to Keep Your Home Clean in Colorado

If you’ve just moved to Colorado you’ve probably noticed that your house isn’t the same kind of dirty that it may have been in Texas or California. The Colorado climate lends itself to different reoccurring messes you might find in your new home. Here’s Maid to Shine’s guide to keeping your Colorado home clean.


It’s no secret that we’re a dusty state. With sun almost 360 days out of the year, of course we’re leaving our windows and doors open for the sweet fresh air and unfortunately for the dust. Spring brings our windiest time of the year which doesn’t help our dust dilemma. You might find yourself needing to dust once, if not twice, a week now that you call Colorado home. 

Maid to Shine’s tips for helping fight off the dust:

  • Invest in a lambswool AND feather duster- We know two dusters might seem excessive but trust us, it’s not. Your lambswool will be perfect for baseboards, door frames, and under furniture. While your feather duster will be most effective on furniture, wall art, and trinkets. 
  • Pull don’t flick when you’re dusting- Start from the back and pull the dust forward. When you’re flicking the duster around like you’re cleaning in a movie you’re really just moving dust around to ultimately land back on your items. 
  • Dust top to bottom- When we start from the top of our items and work our way down dust will fall to the floor to be swept up later.
  • Check on your vents- Your vents will trap dust like you’ve never seen before. Check on them every couple of weeks to make sure they’re not hoarding all the debris in your home. 

Dirty Floors

Between snow in the winter and the insatiable need to be outside in the warmer months you’re going to be dragging in a lot of mess from your shoes. We’ve got vacuum tricks and mopping tips to get your floors spotless.

Maid to Shine’s tips for taking care of your floors:

  • Pull and push your vacuum slowly- This is our easiest trick! Simply pulling your vacuum slower can give your floors a more thorough cleaning.
  • Mop in an “S” motion- We train all of our cleaning techs to mop this way. Check out this video to learn our technique.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

This next part is up to you, but we encourage everyone does their research when it comes to cleaning products used in the home. We want to keep Colorado beautiful by not polluting our water and air with nasty chemicals. We recommend using environmentally safe cleaning agents. They are tough on messes and germs but gentle on your home, your health and our beautiful state. 

Maid to Shine’s tips for green cleaning products:

  • Make your own- Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a chemistry class. Start with making a disinfectant by mixing a few drops of castile soap with water. Soap is highly effective when it comes to killing germs. Shake the bottle up a little and get to cleaning. To learn about more environmentally safe cleaning products click here.
  • Read and research ingredients- Check out what the EPA has to say on how to identify green cleaning products when you’re out shopping. 

Follow our Colorado cleaning tips and soon these techniques won’t be so unfamiliar. If all of this sounds too much you can call in the professionals at Maid to Shine, the #1 rated cleaning service in Colorado Springs, to give you a perfect front range cleaning every time. 

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