The Importance of Fall Cleaning


The colder months are coming and that means snuggling up with a warm blanket and nights spent inside watching your favorite holiday movies. So why don’t we prepare our homes for fall like we do for spring? Maybe it’s time to take on fall cleaning like we do spring cleaning and here’s why.


You’re about to spend a lot of time inside

Chilly weather is quickly approaching and with the sun setting earlier spending time outdoors isn’t a fun option anymore. You’re probably going to spend a majority of the next 3 months inside so make sure your home is clean, not just for your health but for your sanity as well. Clean out the air ducts, clear the shelves of dust and remove the pet hair, you don’t want to be breathing that stuff in all winter long. “Central heating and closed windows reduce ventilation and create dream conditions for dust mites, bacteria and mold.”


Holidays are on their way

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are fun they take a lot of preparation. Family and friends are getting ready to come over and you don’t want to give your mother-in-law another reason to complain, so make sure your house is clean. Give it a deep cleaning at the end of October then when it’s time to clean for the party guests you won’t have all the grim and build up to work through.



Fall cleaning can also improve your mental health. With Christmas coming up you’ll probably accumulate a lot of new things, so make some room for them. Go through your closet, clean out the cabinets and get the kids to donate some of their toys that aren’t as popular with them anymore. A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind.


While we still recommend spring cleaning we think fall cleaning may be just as important. No one wants to be trapped inside a dirty home for all those winter months. To get the best fall cleaning this year book with Maid to Shine and watch your home transform into the perfect place for hibernation.



5 comments on “The Importance of Fall Cleaning

  1. There are many bugs and microorganisms in the summer that can help the dirt and other germs to spread around. By cleaning in the fall, you’ll make sure you get rid of all the germs that may have nested in your home.

  2. I like that you advised us to use our HVAC unit more during the chilly months. My wife and I will definitely use this advice to reduce mold and mildew in our home. However, if things do not work as planned, we will have to call an expert on residential mold removal services to help us out.

  3. Thank you for this article. The flip side is the clean to prepare for summer. People aren’t inside as much but everyone is sweating (and stinking) more, so it’s still important to stay on top of things.

  4. You’re absolutely right! As the colder months approach, it’s the perfect time to cozy up indoors with your favorite holiday movies. Your post highlights some essential points about the importance of fall cleaning. With more time spent inside, ensuring a clean and healthy environment becomes crucial for our well-being. Plus, anticipating holiday gatherings, a clean home not only impresses guests but also makes the preparations less stressful.

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