The Best Way to Save Time

Let’s talk about time! Not father time or cooking thyme…but the clock goes tick-tock time! We have 24 hours in a day and so you devote that precious time to many things. For a lot of us most of the day is spent at work and when we get home we try to cram everything else in. Make time for your family, make time for your friends, make time to cook and to clean. It can be hard trying to get it all done in a 5-hour time frame. The cool part is you can outsource those extra chores to someone else. Take for example cleaning, that’s where Maid to Shine can help out, but how much time would you actually be saving by hiring a cleaning service? Let’s break it down!


The Kitchen

The kitchen is no easy task. There’s so much that goes on in there that makes the mess really build up. You have to wipe down your counter tops and cabinets, clean off the stove, make the sink shine, mop the floors and if you’re feeling really ambitious clean the oven. That stuff isn’t easy and it’s certainly not fun, but the worst part is… cleaning the kitchen is a time suck! It takes the average person an hour and half to give their kitchen a good cleaning. That hour and half could be spent with the kiddos or working on that puzzle you bought 2 years ago but never finished.


The Bathrooms

Is it possible to clean the bathrooms without some hesitation before stepping in? You know that this little room is home to so many germs and mystery stains that it takes you at least a good ten minutes to amp yourself up before ever laying a rag down. It takes the average person 1 hour to get the bathroom really shining. That’s enough time to squeeze in an episode of your favorite TV drama!


The Bedrooms

Okay so bedroom clean up time can vary depending on the person that inhabits it. Let’s say we have a relatively tidy individual that calls the room home. You still need to make time for dusting, vacuuming, bed making and a quick clutter pick up. Maybe your nickname in high school was Speedy Gonzales so we’ll say you can get the job done in 45 minutes. Guess what else you can do in 45 minutes? Bake a cake! Yeah, that’s what you’d be missing out on…


The Living Room

Once again this is going to differ based on the family and the size of the room, but we’ll do some guess-timating to figure this one out. A quick break down of what you need to do: dust, vacuum, clean the cushions, wipe down the TV and put away the random items that always seem to gather in the living room. We’ll go ahead and keep with your reputation of being quick and call the job a 45-minute one. Wow that’s enough time to…bake another cake! Incredible!


Now let’s add it up! To get your house clean you’re looking at about 4 hours on average. There’s still a lot of things to consider though that could add even more time to that number! Imagine what you could do with 4 hours? Learn to juggle, get really good at jump rope, teach the kids how to tie their shoes or count by twos…the possibilities are endless! The easiest way (and the quickest) is with Maid to Shine, you won’t even have to check the clock!




*Time may vary based on the individual cleaning, the size of the home and the personalities of those living within. We’re not scientists, so we recommend taking these “facts” more so as suggestions.

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