Best of The Springs 2022- Maid to Shine

Thank you to our wonderful clients! We’ve won gold in the cleaning service category for Best of The Springs 2022 and it’s your votes and confidence in our small business that earned us this award. Support like this is very meaningful, especially after our struggles during the height of the pandemic. We know we have had to increase our prices in order to hire talented cleaners at wages they deserve, and we THANK YOU for sticking with Maid to Shine and for allowing us to give our team members pay that will let them live without struggling. 

Our clients’ happiness is top priority! So, what do we do as a company to ensure this? We have an extensive hiring process. During our interviews we require a drug screening, background check and personality quiz to make sure that the people we hire are the very best. Our whole interview process takes about 3 weeks. After new team members join the team they are matched with a highly qualified trainer where they learn the ins and outs of Maid to Shine’s cleaning system. They also receive a cleaning manual and must pass a cleaning test in order to move onto cleaning on their own. Throughout a team members time at Maid to Shine they are supported and cared for in order to make sure they can perform at their very best. They are given refresher training and have walk through evaluations as they enjoy their time at Maid to Shine. Happy cleaning techs are an important part of making sure your home is well taken care of!

In addition to only hiring the very best of the best, we also only use eco-friendly cleaning products in your home. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals living on your surfaces. You, your family, your fur babies and your home are safe with us! Our cleaning solutions are tough on bacteria but easy on your health and your home. 

Our detailed premium cleanings are what have made us the top rated cleaning in Colorado Springs for the past 15 years. We hope to continue to serve our community for many more years to come. Thank you once again, for voting Maid to Shine the #1 maid service in town. We are honored to hold this title!

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