The Best Professional Dusting Tips

Dusting is a key, important element to our cleaning routine. We expect it when we hire professional maid services to clean our homes, and it’s something we can’t skip over ourselves for the times we are cleaning our homes.

Dusting not only cuts down how much dust is in the air, but it can also prevent it from building up and hardening onto the surfaces of items and furniture in your home. Leaving dust to sit for weeks, months, or even years can let the incurring layers harden.

Good Habits for Keeping Dust to a Minimum

* change your air filters regularly: how often should these be changed? Is it enough to simply follow the recommendations of your unit? Or should it be more frequent than the recommendation? It might actually need to be changed a little more often. If your home is especially prone to dust, if you have pets, or live out in the country, your air filters might need to be changed more often.

* vacuum as often as you dust and ensure that your dustings are thorough: don’t just dust to pull it off of items. Make sure it’s really being cleaned up! And vacuum as often as you dust. You’re pulling dust off of other objects. It doesn’t just disappear. It falls onto the floor where it can be kicked up into the air again or be worked further into the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming immediately following dusting prevents these scenarios.

* observe how much dust your home collects weekly: perhaps this is something you already do; if not, it’s a good habit to begin! Watching to see how much dust your home collects week in and week out can help you form a game plan for dusting. Some homes gather more, some less. It can depend on how dry or humid it is where you live; whether you live in a bustling city or in the country on a gravel road; how often the air filters are changed. It can even depend on how well your home or apartment is sealed. All of these can help you decide how often you should dust.

Not only will these professional tips keep dust from building up on the things in your home, but it will impact the air quality of your home and improve the cleanliness of your home!

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