How to Properly Clean Your Home Gym

Where do you workout? If you have a home gym you’ve got the added bonuses of convenience and cost but there’s also the benefit of fewer germs. Some gyms, at least before the pandemic, were “[harboring] more germs than a toilet seat.” Thankfully, by using your own gym equipment you can avoid a lot of those germs when you have just you and your family sharing equipment but it’s still important to keep your items clean, they’re dirtier than you think.  As the best home cleaning service in Colorado Springs we’ve had lots of experience with getting home gyms clean. Take our advice and you’ll be working out in peace in no time.

Start by dusting off your equipment, we recommend either a feather duster (don’t flick, pull the dust) or a lambswool duster. Once you’ve got all the dust and debris removed you can start disinfecting.

At Maid to Shine we only use eco-friendly cleaning products and we recommend you do the same. Avoid alcohol, bleach, ammonia, or other abrasive chemicals as these solutions can cause discoloration or corrosion, plus, they really aren’t great for you to breath in. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a disinfecting spray to get the job done. We personally love mixing Castile-soap with water to disinfect. Soap strips viruses (like COVID-19) of it’s lipid layers and only requires 10 seconds of contact time to be effective, plus it’s cheap!

Once you’ve chosen your cleaning solutions apply it to your items and begin to wipe down your equipment with a cotton towel. Get in all of the nooks and crannies and don’t forget the wipe the underbellies of your benches and give those yoga mats a good wipe too. Think about your workout routine as you clean and really focus on the equipment you use most. Be sure to give your door knobs and light switch plates a good wipe down too.

After you’ve disinfected all your items grab a broom and sweep up down below. Remember, when you dusted earlier? That stuff should have fallen to the ground so now you can dispose of that debris in this step. Grab a mop, we recommend something like a Swiffer flat head. You can simply place a cotton towel on it and spray your floor with your preferred cleaner (once again, we recommend something eco-friendly).

Viola! Your home gym is clean and you didn’t even have to hire a maid service, although if you want to save yourself some time Maid to Shine is just a phone call away. Cleaning your gym weekly can help your equipment last longer and keep you healthier. We hope these tips help you get your home gym in as good of shape as you are!

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