The Wonders of Castile Soap

We know we like to go on about cleaning green and natural ways of cleaning our homes, but at Maid to Shine, all-natural cleaning is one of our passions. It’s also a great topic for discussion since there are endless points to be made and mulled over.

One such topic is castile soap: a wonderful, all natural cleaner that you’ve probably heard a lot about. But it’s one thing to hear about a fantastic, green soap; it’s another to be an expert and know about it. If you’ve heard a lot of talk about castile soap but you know little about it, then this post will give you a brief fill in on this wonderful product. We’re pretty crazy about castile soap ourselves!

What IS Castile Soap? (And why is it more “special” than regular soap??)

Why is it called Castile soap? The thought is that it originated in Castile, Spain. Castile soap is made from oils found in vegetables—instead of being derived from the tallow (fat) of animals). It’s also more eco-friendly since it contains only non-toxic ingredients. The soap can come in liquid form or solid bar.

It’s a pretty incredible soap, especially when one considers it can be effective as a household cleaner and for personal use.

Does it Actually Work? The Benefits of Castile Soap at a Glance

Sound to good to be true? We promise it isn’t!

* Kills Bacteria without Harmful Toxins: castile-based soaps kill 99.9% of germs in the tests conducted. What a benefit! Who doesn’t want a go-to cleaner that actually works and isn’t toxic to our health? The soap loosens dirt and grime gently, without corrosives or acids.

*It’s a Plant Based: this perk bears mentioning again! Because it’s a plant based, it counts as a vegan friendly soap! Castile soap is a lovely blend of coconut and olive oils. Some brands even include hemp and jojoba oils (which are helpful for cleansing the skin).

The multi-faceted blend of oils makes castile soap multi-purpose: perfect for all of your cleaning needs!

*It’s Incredibly Versatile: a working, non-toxic soap is almost too good to be true, but castile soap gets even better! It’s multi-purpose: this means you can use it as a handwashing soap, for cleaning—and it’s safe to use inside cars, on floors, for marble and granite, counters, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, etc. The possibilities are practically endless!

Castile soap truly is a wonder-filled product, and it can do wonders around the home. Best yet, it’s even USDA Organic certified—an important fact to note, since not everything labelled “organic” is truly organic. We’re such fans of castile soaps ourselves, our professional cleaning techs use it to lovingly clean your homes!

If you plan on using this soap yourself, make sure to properly dilute it. Castile soap often comes in concentrate, but it’s very easy to dilute and find the ratios of dilution. Every use of this soap has varying degrees of dilution before it can be used.

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  2. This article was so informational about the variety of uses for Castile soap. We have recently started our house cleaning business and always love finding out about organic plant based products which we believe are best suited for our clients. Your article also mentions that castile based soaps kill 99.9% of germs which is a great result of a natural product.

    Thank you for making the article informative to consumers and businesses alike!

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