Sanitizing After You’ve Been Sick

With COVID still lingering and summer allergies in full swing we might find ourselves under the weather. Once you’ve rested, drank plenty of fluids, and have healed it’s important to think about cleaning your home and giving it a proper sanitizing to make sure there aren’t any germs still hiding. Maid to Shine will guide you through an easy sanitizing routine that won’t tire you out but will definitely bring you peace of mind. 

Grab your favorite disinfectant (we recommend all-natural) or opt for alcohol with 60% or more content in a spray bottle and two cotton rags. With these three items you should be able to do a solid disinfecting throughout your entire house. 

We’re going to focus on high touch areas. Begin with the doorknobs in your home. Spray one of your cotton towels with disinfectant and give the knob a good wipe. After you’ve gotten all your knobs you can go back with your other cotton towel and dry them off. Next, we’ll move onto the light switches and do the exact same thing. Spray your towel, wipe, then go back and dry off.

With our most touched areas taken care of move onto any stair railings. Spray your cotton towel with disinfectant and run your rag down the railing. Continue with any remotes, game controllers, and thermostats. Move into your bathrooms and kitchen and disinfectant knobs and handles. 

With all the small things taken care of wipe down counters and table tops and be sure to throw your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases into the wash. Disinfecting is easy! It doesn’t take much time but it provides you with so much peace of mind knowing you’re in safe environment. 

We recommend disinfecting your high touch areas at least once a week to keep the germs at bay and prevent sickness. If you’re in Colorado Springs and looking for a deep disinfecting we encourage you to call Maid to Shine today 719-640-3276 and book an Electrostatic Fogging service with us-a germs worst nightmare! 

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