The Best Sink Cleaning Tips

By: Michelle Tran

What should you do when your favorite professional house cleaners aren’t scheduled to come clean your house for a while, but your home needs a little bit of extra attention—what should you do? Here at Maid to Shine, we have hundreds of little helpful tips that make our services incredible. Not only do these tricks add to the quality of our cleanings, but these quick, easy, and 100% green method are easy for you to implement in your own home. So, what about those sinks? Sinks are designed for cleaning—we wash our hands in them, our dishes, our fruits, and our veggies. They see a lot of traffic and dispense a lot of germs, bacteria etc. Keeping your sinks sanitized, scrubbed, and effectively clean seems as if it might be rather important, then. Build-up, scum, hair, and other nasty little things collect in the sink before we know it, and the thought of all of those germs isn’t a pleasant thought!

But of course, the best maid service around town has a fast and easy answer for your icky sink problem! No matter your sink style or brand, no matter what your sink is made of, our Maid to Shine trick can get you out of a pinch. All you’ll need is your favorite scrubbing pad, sanitizer/household cleaner, and a very little bit of baking soda (when we clean, we love using our 100% green, sanitizing Red Juice). After gathering all of your supplies at the sink that you will be cleaning, use your cleaner to spray the sink basin, and sprinkle just a very little bit of baking soda inside. It’s helpful if you lightly disperse the baking soda all around the bowl, instead of pouring it into just one location. Once finished, gently work up a baking soda paste with your scrubber, and use this to begin scrubbing the scum out of your sink. We like to start at the upper edge, and then work our way around and down—just don’t forget to scrub in the stopper crevices. Scum likes to hide there too. This baking soda paste makes scrubbing scum effortless. Now that you’ve finished scrubbing, turn the faucet on and thoroughly rinse the baking soda away.

Sinks really are that effortless and easy to clean. So, the next time you find your sinks in need of some TLC, and your home cleaners won’t be coming for a while yet, you have a three minute method to take care of it!

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