Clever…Or Not So Clever Ways to Clean

Cleaning is a chore…there’s no denying it and if there’s one thing people like it’s finding the easiest way to get the job done. We’ve searched the interweb far and wide for the most clever and funniest ways someone’s cleaned the house.


Baby Mop

If the kid’s going to be crawling around on the ground you might as well try to get them to clean. The Baby Mop has surprisingly wonderful reviews so maybe this isn’t such a wild idea after all. “My floors have never been cleaner; the only problem is that my child has outgrown the suit and I am having to rent children from the neighborhood to keep the floors clean.” – Victoria G.



Duct, Duct, Tape

Desperate times call for desperate measures! When the pet hair just won’t come off the furniture it’s time to pull out the big leagues: Duct Tape. “Sure, the tape idea worked but I’m still finding sticky residue on my couch. Was it worth it? No. Was it kind of neat seeing my whole couch covered in tape? Yeah, a little bit.” – Mandy M.



The Human Tower

No ladder? No extension pole? Need to get the dust off your fan? Have you tried jumping on someone’s shoulders to reach the ceiling…well these folks have! “So, this was surprisingly successful for us. We needed to get the fan clean because dust was literally raining down on us. My wife stood on my shoulders and we wiped it off. It probably helps that we met when we were both cheerleaders in college though.” – Ramses Martinez



Drill Bit Brush

Toilets can get pretty grimy and cleaning them is no fun…but maybe with a drill and toilet brush it can be? “In theory, this idea sounds awesome. I thought I was a genius, but the drill had a little more power than anticipated and the tape I used to hold the brush on didn’t quite do the job. Long story short I had more cleaning to do after the whole debacle.” -Connor G.



Deep Dive for the Deep Clean

Tubs. They can be tricky, and they’re one of the things you really want to sparkle considering they’re there to help get you clean. So what do you do if you just can’t get that shine? Well, grab the scuba gear of course! “I was so sick of my bath tub looking like it was actually going to make me dirtier if I bathed in it. I had some scuba gear that I’ve only used once so I figured, why not? I filled that tub to the brim with water and all kinds of cleaners and jumped in (probably not the best idea). Scrubbing for what seemed like forever I finally got the bath the way I’ve always wanted it. Hopefully, I won’t have to go deep diving the next time I need it cleaned.” – Tanya Jones



Soap Angels

Awww the floors, if they shine then your house looks great, but if not they’re the first thing people will notice. Sure, you could go with the ole’ mop and bucket method, but have you ever tried making soap angels? “This wasn’t supposed to end with me making soap angels on my kitchen floor…but one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew I was laying in a soapy winter wonderland. If life give you lemons make lemonade…and if the floor gives you gallons of soap make soap angels! This was an actual nightmare to clean up.” – Halle Bates


These ideas are…maybe not the best. When you’re looking to get the house really clean sometimes it’s just better not to take any shortcuts. We will let in on a little secret though, the easiest way to clean is with Maid to Shine!



12 comments on “Clever…Or Not So Clever Ways to Clean

    • Awww you could always suggest one of the other unconventional cleaning hacks to her. Who knows maybe she’ll let you put a toilet brush on a drill bit haha!

  1. When the kid is crawling, every parent should be careful. Because our little ones not only crawl and breath dust if it’s there but also put different things in their mouths. So we should clean our house often and keep everything in order. I even bought a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. It traps the dust so it’s not coming out in the air again. I’d suggest you do the same. Because allergens can be everywhere!

  2. AMAZING Love this particular!! I like the tower as well as soap angel way, that is really a good cleaver method to clean!! Smart way of performing chores!! Thank you for this beloved!!

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