Common Household Items You Can Clean With

It may surprise you just how many items in your home can help in your quest for a clean space. There’s a good chance that you’ll have most, if not all, of these products nearby. Get ready to add these items to your cleaning caddy, and start cleaning like the professionals at Maid to Shine!


There’s something about the dryer that just makes socks go missing. So next time you have a sock come out solo throw it in with your cleaning supplies. Socks are great for wiping, they’re just as effective as a cotton towel. Plus, you can put them over your hand and really get into all the cracks and crevices of a place. We love using a sock to wipe down the table after dinner. A loose sock over your hand is also a great way to dust off blinds. 

Dryer Sheet

We use dryer sheets to help reduce static in our clothes so embrace that super power and take a dryer sheet around your home. These static sheets are perfect for picking up dust. You can also get your sheet wet and use it as a rough scouring pad for messes stuck on pans, stoves, etc. Just be aware that a dryer sheet may scratch fragile surfaces. 

Putty Knife

Remember when you did that furniture flip and bought that putty knife to scrape off old paint? Well, it’s time to bring it back out! We require all of our cleaning techs at Maid to Shine to carry a putty knife in their caddies. Putty knives are tough scrapers, perfect for dried on food, hard dirt, etc. We recommend holding your putty knife at a 45° angle, spraying your mess with the cleaning agent of your choice, and then scrapping. Never use your putty knife without spraying your area first as this could lead to scratching. 

Olive Oil

Grab your bottle of olive oil out of the kitchen cupboard and put some into a spray bottle or dab a little bit on a towel (or old sock) and head to your stainless steel appliances. Olive oil gets these items shining! Do not use too much, start of with just a little and add more if you need to. Olive oil is a wonderful, natural way to clean your stainless steel.

Well, were we right? Did you have most of the items laying around your home? Now go stick them into your cleaning caddy and get to work. What other common household items do you think would be helpful for cleaning? We’d love to know! If you’d like a professional cleaning, using professional tools give Maid to Shine a call today 719-640-3276. Find out why we’re the best home cleaning service in Colorado Springs!

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