Deep Clean Your Couch

When’s the last time you gave your couch a really thorough cleaning? If you can’t remember then it’s time to clean! Maid to Shine will guide you through deep cleaning your couch and as a reward you can veg out on it after and binge your favorite show!

Let’s start by simply brushing off any dirt or crumbs. You can just use your hands for this or if you have a whisk broom, run that over your cushions. Many couch cushions have covers that will unzip. If you wish to wash your covers you can do that now. Make sure you pay attention to any washing instructions you find on the tag. If you aren’t sure, we recommend washing them on cold and doing a low temp dry cycle so they do not shrink.

If you want to skip washing your cushion covers that’s totally fine! We can still deep clean without taking them off. Grab your vacuum and pull out the hose. We’re going to use a brush attachment on this part. Start from the top of your couch. Pay special attention if you have a cat or other animal that likes to sit here. Once their perch is cleaned move down on to the backrest. Thoroughly guide your vacuum hose up and down going over each section. Next, run your vacuum over the arms. Be sure to pay attention to any nooks and crannies here. Now let’s move on to the seat cushions. Take your time with each one going up in down with the vacuum. We usually do a slow, detailed vacuuming then go over everything one more time a little faster. 

If you have any stains on your couch mix some warm water and dish soap together and grab a dobie pad. Wet your dobie with your cleaning solution and scrub away at those stains. While that’s drying take a look at the legs of your couch. If they need to be cleaned you can use your dish soap water mixture here too. 

Sometimes we’ll finish off our couch deep clean with a homemade essential oils air freshener. You can find out how to make your own here. Remember, cleaning doesn’t have to be hard! Follow Maid to Shine’s game plan and your couch will be fresh and clean! 

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