Deep Cleaning Light Fixtures

Just like any other part of cleaning homes, cleaning the light fixtures and chandeliers are important parts of a deep clean. Deep cleaning a home’s light fixtures, whether it is your own or for the client you clean for, the difference between spotless light fixtures and so-so fixtures is stunning. And after you’ve deep cleaned all of the fixtures in your home, it’s easy to simply dust the fixtures and keep them shining.

Make sure to clean fixtures during the daytime and with plenty of light to see by. Cleaning light fixtures when the lightbulbs are hot can be a hazard. You don’t want to burn your hands, and a hot lightbulb exposed to colder cleaning products might pop and shatter.

What You’ll Need for the Deep Clean

Deep cleaning the light fixtures is time consuming, but well worth the effort. Before beginning gather the following supplies:

  • feather duster
  • cleaner (that can cut through grease); it’s helpful if the cleaner is in a spray bottle
  • several clean rags
  • microfiber cloth
  • step ladder

Begin by using the feather duster to knock of any loose dust that has settled onto the light fixture. Do this thoroughly, starting at the top and working your way down. It can be helpful to gently pull the dust off with the feather duster, rather than flicking it all around. Once you’ve pulled any loose dust off of the fixture, spray your cleaner on the section of the fixture that you’re cleaning first. Again, it is helpful to work from top to bottom so that anything that is pulled off simply falls to the floor. It’s easy to vacuum this up afterwards.

Taking your clean, fresh rag, begin rubbing up any of the dust that has hardened onto the fixture. Get into the crevices and detail of the design. It takes extra patience to rub up the grime, but it is effort that will certainly pay off in the end. Pull off any debris that comes up while you’re scrubbing the fixture clean. Continue this process, section by section, with the entire light fixture until you finish it. Brush off any extra little bits of dust and grime that might be on the fixture. Finally, take your microfiber cloth and buff out the glass or shiny bits of the fixture. Once you’ve finished cleaning the fixture, vacuum or sweep the space just beneath so that there isn’t any dust left.

While cleaning the light fixtures around your home might take a little bit of extra time and patience, but the end results are worth the effort. Your lights will shine brighter than ever!

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