How to Be an Efficient Cleaner | Part 1

By: Michelle Tran


How important is your regular home cleaning? Does it matter if you clean your home any old way? What does an efficient cleaning routine look like? If you’re tight for time but still determined to keep atop of your own house cleaning, this post is for you! This week and next, we’re going to look at a few tricks that will help you clean with efficiency, wasting as little time as possible.

Keep Your Tools Nearby: maybe this is obvious (or not so obvious), but keeping your tools nearby really helps save you time! Keeping your cleaning tools handy, nearby, and with you is an excellent time-saver. You aren’t wasting time walking all over the house to get a cleaning solution or tool that you forgot. While it might not seem like much of a waste using a few seconds here and there to go back for something, it all adds up eventually. Keeping your cleaning tools and supplies all in a suitable, organized cleaning kit is an excellent start for saving time.

Don’t Waste Your Steps: this goes hand in hand with the first tip. Don’t waste your steps! Be intentional about the way you’re cleaning. A little critical thinking can save you majorly when you clean your home. When you clean a room, don’t go back and forth aimlessly. Right before you start a room, pause, and actually think about the best way to clean it. Take the tools you need to clean the room with you. Clean in patterns. Try not to clean something that dirties up what you already cleaned. A little bit of forethought can revolutionize your cleaning method and save you more time than you realize!

Clean from Top to Bottom: a part of saving your steps is cleaning from top to bottom. You don’t want to be cleaning something down below, just to stand up, clean what’s above, and find you pulled down all of the dust, crumbs, and debris back onto what you just cleaned. Clean what’s above you first, then clean your way down.

This week, take some time and apply these first three steps to your home cleaning. See how it changes your entire cleaning method. Next week we’ll look at a few extra steps that will save you even more time!


3 comments on “How to Be an Efficient Cleaner | Part 1

  1. Fantastic article! I love how you really break cleaning down into steps, it helps the mind process what it needs to do a whole lot better.

    We just started a house cleaning company here in Scottsdale Az and will definitely add a few of these tips into our training book, especially keeping the tools nearby!

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