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What a wonderful journey Maid to Shine has been on for the past 4 months! We are proud to say that we were selected as 1 of 10 spectacular businesses to receive the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado Excellence in Customer Service Award! Thank you to our amazing team and everyone we’ve had the pleasure of servicing. We are happy to give superior customer service to Colorado Springs!


How We Got Here

Attaining this award certainly was not easy. We spent months writing up our application that ended up being a total of 8 pages. We answered some tough questions and took a deep dive in to what’s worked and maybe what hasn’t so much over these past 10 years. After submitting our written portion our President, Vice President and Marketing Coordinator participated in an hour and half interview with BBB Customer Service Award committee members. This is the section of the process where we learned the most, thank you Steve! It was such a rewarding process to share all of our hard work for the past decade and so fulfilling to look back on client testimonials as we worked to showcase our dedication to customer service.


Why this Award is Important to Us

Maid to Shine is a Christ centered business that gives PEACE to its clients by providing custom residential house cleaning so that they can reclaim their valuable time and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits. We instill this in to every team member rather they’re cleaning your home or answering your questions over the phone. Through our mission statement and our ten core values we’ve been able to deliver excellent customer service. This award means so much to us because while we know we work hard to please our clients and those we interact with, we don’t often take the time to step back and look at how we’ve developed our methods and how important it is to a community to always have customer service at the forefront.


Now a BIG Thank You

We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing team! To our cleaning techs, thank you for being trustworthy, hardworking and so delightful to be around. To our scheduling managers, thank you for being the voices of Maid to Shine, you’re the first impression many people get of us and you all do a wonderful job! To our office managers, thank you for taking care of our girls and for always working hard, we wouldn’t be here without you both! And to our corporate team members, the work you do is so important to the success of Maid to Shine, never forget that. Without our incredible family working together like we do this award would have only been a dream!


We’d also like to say a giant thank you to our clients. It’s been your constant support, feedback and trust that continues to make us love what we do. It’s been such a pleasure servicing each and every one of you. Your confidence in Maid to Shine means everything to us.


What an excellent year 2018 continues to be for our small business. We started with just our president, Krista, cleaning houses alone. Then we grew from 2 to 10 to 20 and beyond! With recognition like this from the Better Business Bureau this local company is able to succeed beyond our wildest dreams. We appreciate everyone who has encouraged us for the past 10 years!


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