Fashion Guide for Efficient Cleaning

You’re probably thinking, “does it really matter what I wear when I clean?” The answer is: YES! The clothing and accessories you choose to wear when cleaning your home can affect how fast and how well you clean. Colorado Springs’ cleaning expert, Maid to Shine, is here today to help you figure out your cleaning wardrobe.

Do Wear:

  • Pants/shorts with back pockets- This is where you can keep your feather duster for easy access. The deeper the pocket the better. Many of our cleaning techs have designated pants they wear and will even cut a hole in one of the back pockets so it works as almost a holster for their duster. With your duster literally right on your tail, you won’t miss anything!
  • A cleaning apron- Cleaning aprons are our saving grace! We keep all of our small essential tools inside. That way when we’re in a cleaning marathon we’re not stopping to find where we put something. Just reach down into your apron pocket and you’re ready to go.
  • Your long hair in a ponytail/hat- Pushing your hair out of your face is going to cost you some time so avoid it with a simple ponytail or push it all up into a baseball cap.
  • A dri-fit shirt- Cleaning, ironically, is messy business! All of Maid to Shine’s cleaning techs wear dri-fit shirts. This is great when you’re breaking a sweat (which is easy to do when you’re scrubbing). Ever accidentally turned on the shower when you’re cleaning? We have! Dri-fits dry faster than cotton so there’s no need to take a break to change clothes if you get splashed.
  • Knee pads– Find some old volleyball or skating pads and slip them onto your knees. This is going to save you a lot of pain (literally) when you’re on your knees scrubbing.

Don’t Wear:

  • Too many accessories- One of the best things about cleaning: Nobody expects you to look cute while you do it! Take off the bracelets and long necklaces so you’re not having to move and push them out of the way.
  • Clothes you actually care about- This may not be as big of an issue if you’re using all-natural cleaners that don’t stain fabric, but many cleaners have chemicals in them that will alter fabric colors. It’s best to go with old clothes you don’t mind getting a little messy. We also recommend heading to your local thrift store and picking out a designated cleaning outfit there. That way you get exactly what you need but at the right price.
  • Shoes- When you’re in your own home cleaning, lose the shoes! Shoes are notorious for tracking messes around, so leave them at the front door. Plus, you can hop in and out of showers and tubs to clean without having waste time to taking your sneakers off.

Follow Maid to Shine’s fashion guide and your cleaning routine will be cruising right along. You might not win “Best Dressed” with any of this advice but you’ll certainly win “Most Likely to Clean the House Well”. Have fun cleaning and enjoy your new outfit!



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