How to Get a Free Cleaning

Okay guys…we’re going to let you in on a little secret that’s sure to guarantee you a FREE cleaning. We swear, we’re not lying!


All you have to do is refer a friend to Maid to Shine. It’s that easy! When you refer Maid to Shine to a busy friend or neighbor we’ll reward you with a FREE maintenance cleaning or $100 for each referral. It is our small way of saying we appreciate you!


That’s all there is to it! So if you love Maid to Shine mention us to a co-worker or post about us on Facebook. After we clean for your friend we’ll give you your prize for being such an awesome client to work with! Find the link here. 



If you’re a current Maid to Shine client and know someone kind and compassionate who loves to clean, then refer them to work for Maid to Shine! If they past their 90 days with us, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you $100 off your next cleaning. Just a little way for us to say thanks for helping us grow our team! Have them start their application here.



*check website for terms and conditions

4 comments on “How to Get a Free Cleaning

  1. Advantage

    The advantages of house cleaning services are that you the house will be cleaned with good products and equipments.


    The cleaning services may be fake and they can be hurdle for you some times. In the house cleaning process any home item can get damaged by mistakenly and that can be your loss.

    • FREE cleaning most often than not will not come trough most if not all of us in the cleaning business are for profit.
      so we need to get paid to pay our bills. thanks for sharing.Joe

      • Hi there Joe! If someone is eligible for a free cleaning we always follow through. Sure, we like to get paid when we clean but we also think it’s important to show our appreciation for those who refer us.

  2. Hope make best of cleaning am sure need it with back an arm issues free cleaning don’t forget tell them that please truthfully how long been goin doin this

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