Giving Peace Through a Clean Home

Our mission statement is: “Maid to Shine is a Christ centered business that give PEACE to its clients by providing custom residential house cleaning so they can reclaim their valuable time and rejuvenate their minds, bodies and spirits.” We make sure that every one of our team members knows this and carries out each cleaning with this in their hearts and on their minds. One of our main goals as a company is to always give that tranquility and calmness when we come into a client’s home. We’re counting down our top 5 favorite reviews that show our clients gaining peace.


  1. Make Time for You

Super job. I work full-time and always felt the burden of choosing between enjoying some of my weekend and evenings, or keeping my home clean. Day-by-day, month-by-month, and yes even year-by-year things kept adding up that I couldn’t keep clean. We started with a deluxe cleaning – though the price was a bit daunting, we received every bit of our money’s worth – 5 people for many hours went from top-to-bottom in every room! We are now doing bi-weekly and I am thrilled to have a clean home, people I can rely on, and some time to enjoy both my clean home and my family! Thanks Maid to Shine!

-C. Perkins


  1. Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

Because of a severe back injury years ago, I was forced to have my house cleaned by a cleaning company!! I was never satisfied and had to clean after them, I went through almost every cleaning company in the Springs with little satisfaction!! I saw an ad for Maid to Shine and got an appointment for my first-time deluxe cleaning!!!!!! I have never seen my house so clean, I went around and looked for dust or dirt and was not able to find any…I am so satisfied and so happy with their work and how professional they are that I now do the biweekly cleanings!! A huge thank-you to all the staff!!! They really care about me and my house 🙂 Thank-you so much!!

-Vicki P.


  1. Set High Expectations

I’ve had other house cleaners before and wasn’t happy with the results. I had finally decided that my expectations were too high and I should continue to clean my own house, which is difficult as it is a 5,000sq foot house and I work 50+ hours a week outside the home. For my birthday, my mother decided that she would purchase a cleaning from Maid to Shine for me as that was the company she uses and has been quite pleased. I arrived home shortly after they had finished up to a sparkling clean house! I even went around looking for my normal disappointments and couldn’t find ANY! My mother said that after the initial team came in to clean a supervisor came into review their work to ensure it was up to the company’s standards. I’m definitely going to be a regular of theirs now and highly recommend their services.

-Rita H.


  1. A Clean Home for the Holidays

Maid to Shine was a God send to us. We had a kitchen, living room, fire place remodel. We thought we would be done in September, of course we weren’t done until middle October. I had six children and two very big hairy dogs still at home at this time.

We had planned to have all the family and close friends come for the holidays. You can’t imagine this house. I was ready to just cancel everything. There was no way I could get this house in shape by the end of October.

[Maid to Shine] got me in so quickly. My entire house sparkled. I can’t say enough about this company. Their absolutely wonderful!!!

-Cindy S.


  1. Mom Won’t be Mad if You Need a Little Help

STOP!!! Look no further!  I am a single Father of a 14-year-old boy, a Master Sergeant in the United States Army and I attend Culinary School full time.  I used to be very diligent about house work, but since culinary school, I am lucky if I can find time to keep my kitchen and toilets clean (remember 14-year-old boy).  So, I decided to see about getting help (don’t tell my Mother).  I tried two other agencies and I was so frustrated with how horrible of a job they did and I pretty much gave up trying to find one.  Then I saw an advertisement for Maid to Shine (which when I signed in to write this review, noticed they had a dang coupon, dang it…).  So, I gave it another shot.

THESE GUYS WERE AWESOME!  They cleaned my bathrooms better than I have ever been able to do (again, don’t tell my Mother).  I could write a doctrinal dissertation on what a great job they did in my house, but who wants to read all that.  Just know I tried to “white glove” my house to find any notable deficiency and there was none.

-Eric S.


It’s the feedback we receive that makes us love what we do even more. Of course, it’s amazing to return home after a long day of work and see your place shining and fresh, but it’s that feeling of knowing that trustworthy and well-trained professionals were taking care of it the way they’d want their own home cared for. Giving peace is our specialty, it just so happens that you get a clean house out of it too!


*Reviews have been edited for clarity and brevity. To see how we’ve brought peace to others check out our Facebook and Yelp.


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