How Do You Know if your Maid Service Is Doing a Good Job?

Hiring a maid service is a big deal. You’re letting someone into your home to take care of your belongings. It can be a very personal thing for some people. If you’re not a cleaning fanatic (like your maid should be) then you may not know what to look for to ensure the cleaning company you paid is doing a good job. Here’s what Maid to Shine recommends you keep an eye out for to be certain the company you hired is doing what they should to make your home clean. 

Do they provide a first time cleaning checklist?

At Maid to Shine we leave our client’s a list of everything we do for a first time clean so our clients can feel confident in our cleanings. Our list includes what exactly gets dusted, how far up we clean, what is hand washed, etc. If your cleaning company does not offer this ask them for one. If they deny you a list then it may be better to go with a company that is willing to be transparent with you. All cleaning companies should be able to tell you exactly the services they provide.

How long do they take to clean your home?

If you receive a first time clean in under 3 hours then you should question just how deeply your home was cleaned. Our cleaning techs will usually spend at least 45 minutes in a small 3 piece bath during a first time clean. Think about it: This is the first time your home is being professionally cleaned. Your maid should be scrubbing, working to get hard water stains off, paying attention to cracks and crevices, and being extremely detailed. You don’t want them spending a mere 20 minutes in a bathroom; that’s something you could do for free. 

How detailed is the cleaning?

After your maid has left do you notice that there is still dust on some of your shelves, hair left in the bathroom, debris here and there on the floors? If so, it’s safe to assume that you’ve hired someone who is not very detailed. Maid to Shine spends hours and hours training our cleaning techs to be extremely detailed. Your maid should always be providing you with a cleaning that is better than what you, the client, could do. Remember, they are supposed to be cleaning experts. 

Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Unfortunately, not many maid services do this. Maid to Shine offers a 48-hour satisfaction guarantee. If you find something that may have been missed in your cleaning we always encourage our clients to call and let us know so we can send someone back to make things right. 

How much do services cost?

We encourage you to think about the price of your cleaning. Often times a cheaper service means less detail, less training, no background checks on employees, not being insured and even perhaps unethical business practices (hiring unauthorized workers, not paying taxes, etc.). At Maid to Shine we are a pricier cleaning service not because we’re greedy but because we do everything by the book. We pay taxes, we do background checks, we train for 2 weeks, we pay our maids well so they don’t have to worry about rent or food and can focus on your home and we’re insured and bonded. 

All the questions above are excellent ones to ask a maid service before you hire them. They should be able to provide answers to these questions with no hesitation. If they do not have an answer for you take that as a sign that they may not be the most professional option.

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