How to Clean for a Party

There’s so much to prepare for when you’re throwing a party. You have to decorate, cook, and clean. Unfortunately, cleaning will likely take the most time on your to-do list. Thankfully, the best cleaning service in Colorado Springs is here to help you speed up your cleaning routine and get your house in party shape!

Our number one piece of advice: Do not get overwhelmed. Remember, when you’re having a party you don’t necessarily need to clean your entire house. You can leave off bedrooms and bathrooms that people won’t be going into. 

We recommend beginning with the bathrooms. Start with the top to bottom cleaning method. Take your duster and get the doorframes, light fixtures, shower curtains, and any items hanging on the walls. With the dust all on the floor move to the shower. Wet down your shower and then take some baking soda and scrubber. Start scrubbing in a circular motion. Once you’re done scrubbing, wash the baking soda down the drain. Then spray your shower down with whatever disinfectant you deserve. You can use the same cleaning methods on your sink and even your toilet. Baking soda is a miracle worker! After taking care of all your wet items (shower, sink, toilet) you can disinfect your counters and take out the trash. Give your bath mat a good shake and then sweep the floors and mop. Low-and-behold, you’re done! Now let’s move on to the kitchen.

Since you may be cooking for your get together don’t worry about deep cleaning your kitchen. Spot clean your counters and wipe down your stove and sink. Give the floor a sweep then mop up a bit. 

Your living room area is a good place to end because your cleanup shouldn’t take too long. Remove any clutter and put it in its respective places. Start by dusting off your fan/light fixture and any shelves/wall art. Dust off your tv and furniture. Fold any blankets and fluff any pillows. Spot clean any tables then end with a vacuuming.

Do you believe us now? Cleaning doesn’t have to be so bad! Now that you’ve done all the hard work, go enjoy your party!

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