How to Enjoy Cleaning

We know, the title might make you scratch your head, but it’s true you can enjoy cleaning! We have a whole team of amazing people who are passionate about cleaning, and maybe right now it’s not your forte, but by the end of this post it could be.


Get Buff

Think of cleaning as working out. All that scrubbing can really tone those forearms! Try doing some lunges while you vacuum and don’t be afraid do a couple of curls when you’re carrying out the trash bags.



Reward Yourself

Give yourself a prize for a job well done. If you get the whole house cleaned in 3 hours buy those new shoes you’ve been eyeing for months or dip into the last bit of ice cream.




The great thing about cleaning is that it’s a pretty mindless action. Use this time to reflect and think about the things that are important to you. Just let your mind wander.



Don’t Burn Yourself Out

If you clean throughout the week then you won’t have to devote hours and hours on one day to take care of the mess. Set aside 15 minutes of clean time every night to pick up around the house and wipe down surfaces, make it a part of your bed time routine.



Rock Out

There’s just something about music that makes time go faster! Use the duster as a microphone then run it over a shelf here and there.


The most fun way to clean though may be not cleaning at all! Instead, leave it to professionals and focus on the things that you actually enjoy.

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