How to Make Yourself Love Cleaning

Cleaning really isn’t that bad! I know it’s hard to trust us considering we are a cleaning company, but we promise it can actually be fun! Follow our steps from the best cleaning service in Colorado Springs and you’ll be enjoying cleaning in no time!

Reward Yourself

We all know how powerful a bribe is, so try it on yourself! If you clean the countertops then you can watch an episode of your favorite show. If you wash the dishes then you can have that cookie you’ve been eyeing all day. Give yourself a little treat for a job well done!

Think of It as a Game

Set a 10 minute timer and see how much you can get cleaned in the kitchen. You might not be doing the deepest clean but at least you’ll have time to disinfect and wipe up messes. Then keep setting timers. A 15 minute timer in the bathroom. A 5 minute timer to sweep up the floors. Keep racing against yourself to see how quick you can get your chores done and before you know it an hour will have passed by and your place will be shining.

Dance to the Music

Distract yourself with some sweet tunes. Instead of all those negative thoughts you might usually have about cleaning the stove you can work on memorizing your favorite song. Podcasts are also another great way to distract yourself from the the chores.


A lot of our Maids think of cleaning as meditative. It’s so easy to just focus on the task at hand. You’re not thinking about the stress of life because you’re trying to find the best dusting technique. Cleaning can become a mindless act and is a great time to just let your brain wonder. When you finally snap back into reality you’ll have a clean house. 

These are just a few tips to get your cleaning going. What music do you like to jam out to when you’re cleaning up? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always looking to add a new favorite to our cleaning playlist! 

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