June 2019 Team Event | Rafting

When our team gets together we go on some pretty crazy adventures, and our rafting trip was no exception! We arrived bright and early in Canon City to start our day of wet and wild fun with Raft Masters. After pulling on skin tight wet suits, popping on helmets and buckling in to life jackets we were ready!

The buses that would take us to the river were packed and loaded as we eagerly sped down the highway. It was during this time that the reality of what were about to do settled in. A raft guide stood up and began to go over safety measures with our crew. A little bit of how to row, the history of the river and then the scary stuff…what do you do if you fall out? What do you do if the raft is on top of you? What do you do if you find your body barreling through a rapid? All great questions, that were ideal for inducing fear. As the raft guides speech died down we pulled on to the side of the river and rafts were unloaded. It was time!

We piled in to our designated boats and set sail! The water was moving fast, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t manage…or so we thought! We hit our first rapid! Rafts flew in to the air, ice cold water splashed our faces and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. We made it through the first leg of the trip, breaked for lunch, and got ready to get back on the river.

As the second half of our journey began the water seemed to almost be running faster and not too long after we started paddling did we meetup with another fierce rapid. The waves were huge and the rowing was tough! Water is a nasty opponent and unfortunately for some of our team members, they found that out the hard way. Rafts flipped over! People began floating down the river! “Swimmer! Swimmer!” was being called out from all around. Luckily, everyone was safe. Some of us made it to the shore, others were pulled in to random rafts and a few of us free styled down the river until we found safety. In fact, that happened a couple of times with a few more of our rafts flipping over and Maid to Shine members taking a nice river ride, unaccompanied by their raft.

Is there really a better way to bond than being simultaneously scared for your life ? Or how about getting to know a team member when they pull you in from the icy cold Arkansas River. So some of us may have seen our lives flash before our eyes, but boy, was it fun! Don’t believe me? Watch our video to find out for yourself. If you’d like to be a part of thrilling adventures like this (and you have a passion for cleaning), you can! Fill out an application today, http://bit.ly/JoinTheMSTeam.

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