Be Kind | An in Depth Look at our Values

By: Michelle Tran


The second value that Maid to Shine uses daily in its cleaning services, interactions with clients, and for our staff is the value “Be Kind”. This value builds off of what was learned in the previous post on the value “Be Quiet”. Maid to Shine is a business that behaves kindly, both in the way we treat our staff and in the way we treat our clients. Our cleaning techs are expected to be kind as well, both to their co-workers and to their clients. A little kindness goes a long way. If our behavior and actions are unkind, then what is the use in that behavior? It serves nobody, and unkindness can do a great deal of damage to our business, our clients, and our staff.


The value of kindness is a very basic value, but it’s a virtue no-one should simply dismiss. Even in the business world, kindness is important and makes a bigger difference than we might at first suppose. The Maid to Shine “Be Kind” value reads:


If anything to be done cannot be described as “kind” it is not worth doing. Everything we want to do should be kind to others. “The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works.” Psalms 145:17 (ESV)


This is an especially important value for a cleaning service such as Maid to Shine; it’s important for a myriad of reasons. It takes a very kind heart to be willing to go into someone else’s home and clean it for them. But kindness is especially important because cleaning houses is hard, heavy, and physical work. We want to be sure that our cleaning techs know they can approach us about anything, and we will show them kindness. Hard work is easier when we are treated kindly. We want our clients to know that they will be treated with just as much kindness also. No-one enjoys being treated unkindly by a business. We come back to those businesses that treat us fairly and kindly.


Maybe kindness won’t make the top list of priorities for most businesses or cleaning services, but at Maid to Shine it’s a quality that certainly we find important for all that we come into contact with.

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