Laser Tag | Maid to Shine April 2022 Team Event

It was a beautiful Colorado Springs day, perfect for getting up to some mischief. Maid to Shine’s top cleaning techs took to the battlefield, laser tag guns in hand, ready for a fun day of competitive play. The whistle blew and off we ran to capture the flag. Pew! Pew! Pew! Shots were coming from all directions but the one thing on everyone’s mind: get the flags back to their base. With great quickness and agility only one could acquire from countless hours of cleaning the red team dominated the blue team 6-5. The battle wasn’t over though and intense play went on for hours. Luckily, when you come from the best cleaning service in town you have a mindset like no other. Things were intense but that didn’t stop our cleaning techs from giving it their all, building wonderful camaraderie, and pushing each other to do their best at this month’s team event. To see this dramatic tale unfold click the video below. And if this looks like fun to you apply to join our team!


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