Let’s Mop in an S Formation







Is there anything worse than spending hours mopping just to take a step back and only see streaks and smudges! Trust us, that kind of stuff gets real old real fast. Follow our mopping guide to get the perfect shine on those tough floors!


  1. Always Mop in an S Formation

We went through the whole alphabet and ‘S’ works the best! When you do this, it prevents your cleaning solution from flinging everywhere and doesn’t leave gross blotches to clean up later. Plus, it’s a great way to focus on one area!


  1. Mop with the Grain

When you’re working to make your home nice and neat you don’t want to look down and see a streaky hardwood floor. Try mopping with the grain, this let’s your mop glide easily across the floor leaving it nice and smooth.


  1. Mop Your Way Out of the Room

This is kind of a no brainer, but sometimes you just forget! Always mop your way out of the room, when you do this you’re not stepping on all of your hard work. Just think “front to back leaves no tracks!”


  1. Turn on Some Music

Mopping is tedious work and can get very boring very quickly. Make things fun with some tunes; have a party! Check out our cleaning playlist to get your groove on.


  1. Call Us

Okay so maybe mopping doesn’t sound so fun after all… don’t worry, it’s what we love to do! We’ve perfected our mopping methods and we’re ready to show you what we’ve got! Receive a free quote today and start relaxing as soon as we ring the doorbell!



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