Maid to Shine’s Stain Removal Guide

There’s nothing worse than noticing a stain on your clothes and not knowing what to do next. Your initial reaction may be to just rub water and soap on the spot, but that might actually make matters worse. Here’s your Maid to Shine guide for stain removal, so the next time you have an unsightly splotch on some thing you can take care of it the right way, right away!


Rub with chalk, then scrub with dish soap, and rinse in hot water


Use hydrogen peroxide then rinse in cold water.


Use white vinegar with cold water then you can use color safe bleach to take care of the rest.


Freeze with ice then use a knife to scrape it. Once the gum is off wash in a normal cycle.


Scrub with shampoo then use baking soda and vinegar. Afterwards, soak in salt water. 


Scrub with rubbing alcohol, let it air dry, then pretreat with karo syrup. 


Rinse in cold water then use dish soap or hydrogen peroxide to remove.


Iron between two paper towels, spray with WD-40, and wash as usual.


Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray then wash in cold water.


Scrub with white vinegar and dish soap then wash in cold water. 

Bookmark this page so there’s no panic the next time you find a stain on your favorite shirt you can take care of it right away? Do you have tips for stains that we may have left off? Let us know in the comments. 

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