Most Common Items You Miss While Cleaning

Light fixtures

Don’t forget to look up when you start to clean. It doesn’t matter the room you’re in, there’s probably a light fixture or fan that needs to be dusted. Use your lambswool duster to reach those higher up items and knock the dust to the ground to sweep or vacuum up at the end of your cleaning. 

Below the toilet bowl

This area is easy to miss since you have to reach around to really get it clean. Dust and dander tends to hide in the nooks a crannies here. Spray some disinfectant on here and wipe it clean. 

Under furniture

This is another great place to use your lambswool duster. With its long reach you may not even have to move furniture to clean underneath it. Stick your duster under the couch and use a pulling motion to get all the grim out from under there. 

On tops of cabinets

You may have to allot a good bit of time for this one, especially if you haven’t touched your cabinet tops in awhile. Kitchen cabinets collect grease from cooking making them the perfect sticky landing for dust. We recommend using a degreaser and a putty knife to scrap off the gunk. Dusting the tops of your cabinets periodically will make cleaning in the future much easier. 


It’s good to check on your vents at least once a month. Dirty vents = dirty air! Pull off your covers and see if there is dust blocking the entrance. If there is take a vacuum hose to it. Don’t forget to check both your floor and ceiling vents. Set a reminder to change out your air filter regularly too so the air in your home remains clean. 

Now you know what you need to be on the lookout for the next time you’re cleaning up. If want to ensure that noting’s being missed when your house needs a cleaning you can rely on Maid to Shine to get the job done right, every time. Call 719-640-3276 to book your detailed home cleaning today. What items in your home do you tend to forget when chores come around? 

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