The Power of Natural Cleaners, Pt 2

The effort we put into cleaning and keeping our homes clean is because we care. We want the best for our families and ourselves. It’s only natural to have questions about how well natural cleaners work to disinfect our homes.

Last week, we looked briefly at the myth that natural cleaners don’t work. We’re so used to being told we have to drown our homes in chemical cleaners, it’s understandable we have questions about how well 100% green products work. We want to ensure that our homes are cleaned effectively, but we don’t want to sacrifice the health and safety of our family.

Not All Natural Cleaners Clean Equally

The bad reputation natural cleaners for “not working” and killing germs comes from the “green” products that don’t clean very well. The sad fact is that lot of companies wanted to jump on the “clean green” bandwagon. Studies show that 98% of the “natural” products out there aren’t actually natural. Companies “greenwash” to keep up. This means their products don’t actually work or they’re still full of bad ingredients.

This doesn’t mean that natural products don’t work. The real, green cleaners absolutely work! It means we have to do extensive, careful research and find the 2% of the all-natural products that really do work.

Find the Right Green Cleaners

To clean green and to get a hold of the cleaners that actually work, you have to do a little bit of research: find the ingredients that kill germs and cut through grease, and find the green cleaning products that have the “Environmental Protection Safer Choice” label. This seal of approval lets consumers know that the ingredients in the product have been extensively reviewed. The EPA reviews these products for performance.

Using all-natural green products also takes a change in our mindset. Cleaning with chemicals has been so ingrained into our worldview, we have to think about cleaning in a new way. We have to find new, natural products that can scrub up grime and scum, as well as cleaning products that cut through grease as well as disinfect surfaces. It is realising that other methods of cleaning can and do work just as well as the old, traditional methods.

And once we find the green products that work for us, we’ll can clean our homes with confidence: knowing that we aren’t risking our health by using chemical cleaners, effectively disinfecting our homes.

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