Secrets for a Clean Sink

It’s so easy for the sinks in our home to get messy, especially when they’re housing dishes, old food, toothpaste, and more. The greatest thing about sinks though is that they contain their messes! Maid to Shine has expert cleaning advice to get your sink back to its original glory.

Start by giving your sink a good rinsing then grab your baking soda. Begin to sprinkle your baking soda all over your sink, you want a nice white layer covering the bottom. Next, reach for your scrubber. Wether you’re using a dobie pad or brush you want something that can handle stuck on messes. Start moving your scrubber in a circular motion and watch as your baking soda begins to form a paste thanks to the little rinse we gave our sink earlier. Once you’ve thoroughly scrubbed the bottom and sides look at the counters near your sink and make sure there isn’t any food bits or dried on messes that may have escaped earlier. If there are, go ahead and scrub those too. After you’ve gotten all of the gunk up you can give your sink a rinsing. Once you’ve rinsed grab your favorite disinfectant and spray, spray, spray! Go in again with your scrubber and make sure you really get your disinfectant moving around. End your sink cleaning with another rinse. If you have hard water stains on your faucet we recommend using vinegar to fight through the spots. To really get your faucet shining go over them with a microfiber cloth.

We recommend cleaning your sink every day if possible. Not only to keep away germs but to preserve your sinks life as well. Follow our baking soda scrubbing technique and your sink will shine!

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