Spring Cleaning Tip #1 | Top to Bottom Cleaning

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Right now Laura McDonald is up live and local getting set to clean with Maid to Shine with tips to make sure your space is in tip-top shape for spring. Ladies, good morning Craig and Ivy I am feeling just fine because you’re looking at the newest member of Maid to Shine this morning! So I’m here with Jordyn Reece and we are cleaning, right? We’re at this house and we are getting ready to spring clean because spring it’s technically this week. It’s sprung on us! Weather might not illustrate that but hopefully we’re gonna be looking up at no more snow. That is correct. So we’re gonna talk about top to bottom cleaning right? That is correct. So we’re all about working efficiently that way you can get the best quality of work but also with the least amount of time. So a good way to do that is always to go from top to bottom anywhere in the house. Sure. So starting with any kind of fixtures, whether you’ve got fans fixtures. You may also want to check your corners for any kind of cobwebs all of that is going to be brought down and then you can continue cleaning ultimately getting it to the floor. Which is easy.

Right okay so how would we start with this? So this one you’re going to want to start as high as you can reach. Okay, you want to get up here into the little crevices here. A lot of people they don’t realize spring cleaning is also good for your health, right? That is correct, especially if you’ve got any kind of asthma or anything like that. You want to make sure you get the chains cuz those always like to collect cobwebs. Right. It is up to you whether you want to go into your little bowls here but I always at least try to get those bulbs you know kind of cleaned up there. Makes the lights brighter too? Correct, that is correct.

So moving on from there you would move to your table. Typically we will clean this with some of our disinfectant juice and kind of clean it all up but I will go ahead and just go over it with our duster here. So you would want to bring whatever you had here onto the table to the ground. You guys use all green products? Yes, so we like to make sure everything is green. Not only is it safe for you and your pets it’s safe for your furniture but it’s safe for the environment.

Jordyn’s gonna be walking us through all morning with Maid to Shine. I’ll tell you what, if you guys could see this it might look clean on the surface but there’s still dust here.

Gotta get some of that disinfected juice. Yeah, Lauren she pretends like she doesn’t like spring cleaning but we all know Lauren loves to clean, she loves crafts.

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