Spring Cleaning Tip #5 | Pet Hair Removal

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We are local right now with maid to

00:01shine Laura McDonald’s getting rid of

00:03the grime Lauren good morning what nice

00:05tip do you have for us next working hard

00:09for the money today crying hard for the

00:13money so tips hot tips from clean people

00:16we’ve got Jordan from May to shine

00:18you’re walking us through some spring

00:20cleaning tips right so this is for

00:22people who have pets or pet hair you

00:24want to get rid of it that’s correct

00:26yeah squeegee is gonna be your best

00:28friend squeegee is it’s not a tool you

00:31wouldn’t assume would work but we do

00:34find it works quite well and you just

00:37run it across the pillow here huh check

00:39out all that pet hair we can get in

00:41there so it’s gonna start rolling it

00:43together uh-huh

00:44pushing it off sauce that’s right so you

00:47can easy pull that off there and a lot

00:52of people you know they might do the

00:53vacuuming or whatever but that can be

00:54hard on your furniture that’s right or

00:56you don’t have them quite though right

00:58you know connector for and it’s just not

01:00working you’re getting frustrated I know

01:02at my house I just put a cube on there

01:04and I just go to town oh this is

01:07definitely a better way to do it’s gonna

01:09be easier on the furniture probably

01:11easier on you as well that’s correct

01:12that is correct then you have another

01:14tool we do so if that doesn’t end up

01:17working or if you need to get into the

01:18crevices of your couch huh this little

01:21guy is called a wisp room you can really

01:23get in there and bring it through mm-hmm

01:27you know so you can really kind of wipe

01:29that off

01:29it also takes off that hair as well

01:31check out all oh just go right Shh and

01:36the fellows look fairly clean you know

01:38that’s right look like you know it’s a

01:40mess but that’s what we said that’s what

01:42spring played hideout that’s right and

01:44that’s doing a little hiding stuff out

01:45all right so to eliminate the pet hair

01:49altogether or to make sure you’ve really

01:51got a good control over it how often are

01:52you gonna want to do this to the cows oh

01:54that’s gonna depend on the putt and how

01:56often are they on the couch

01:59I would have you know I would say try to

02:01start it just as you’re noticing it if

02:03not before I mean it’s a good thing to

02:05get into routine and sure just kind of

02:07upkeep it a little bit it takes maybe

02:09you know a few minutes out of your day

02:11to just kind of keep up on it more you

02:13keep up on it the less you have to

02:15really work at it I love it I am in the

02:18zone this morning this is right up my

02:20alley02:21this squeegees got me feeling like I’m

02:23on vacation in Fiji okay okay cut up

02:27with elbow grease in there thoughEnglish (auto-generated)

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  1. Brilliant tips. Some people are put off getting pets for fear of a messy house full of animal hair. But you prove that this doesn’t have to be the case. It’s just a case of making adjustments.

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