Spring Cleaning Tip #6 | Deep Cleaning

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good morning it is time to bust the dust

00:04 that is what we’re done with made to

00:07 shine here with Jordan we are partners

00:10 in grime right that’s right rid of it

00:13 spring is right around the corner so it

00:15 is time to clean now we’re talking

00:17 ceiling fans windows light fixtures all

00:20 about jazz plus it wines right

00:21 that’s crazy sports too that’s right yes

00:24 so I made to shine when we do a deep

00:26 cleaning which is that lovely spring

00:29 cleaning we keep talking about

00:31 we like to hand wipe most things that

00:33 gives you that really nice control over

00:36 that very deep clean we will hand wipe

00:39 the doors you’ll hand wipe your

00:41 baseboards down here get all that nasty

00:43 stuff dust there sure um and we will do

00:47 our blinds and you’ll have a few

00:51 different blinds of course you’re going

00:52 to have some drapes

00:53 anything with fabric we always turn to

00:57 our whisper ohms and we will start again

00:59 at the top right yeah yes that’s right

01:02 we’re gonna try to push everything down

01:05 right so we’re gonna get up there bring

01:09 it all the way down beautiful and then

01:12 you work your way all the way down some

01:14 other buttons

01:15 I notice the yeah you can tell these

01:17 people after the other things in a while

01:19 so let’s get after it

01:21 alright these kinds of lines this is

01:24 what wine yes we get very dirty all the

01:28 time sure so what you’re gonna want to

01:30 do is open the blinds here kind of to

01:33 you know so it levels out with you and

01:36 we’re gonna squirt our towels so you

01:37 don’t want to go directly towards it

01:39 you’re gonna hit your window you’re

01:43 gonna have a big mess knowing all about

01:45 cleaning efficiently that’s right that

01:47 is correct

01:48 yeah because of that one way to do that

01:51 typically the blinds I mean they will be

01:54 flipped to either direction they will0

1:56 get dust on both sides right so how do

01:58 we clean that with one swipe rather than

02:00 two so you are going to take your cloth

02:03 yep you got all squirted in over there

02:05 all right yeah so you take your hand

02:07 you’re going to grasp the blade with

02:10 your thumb underneath yep

02:12 other hand on top and weight across wipe

02:15 across so you’re getting both sides done

02:17 wipe it and swipe it you got it

02:22 shining and you’re gonna want to be

02:25 dining in this kitchen done made to

02:28 shine walking us through all day long

02:30 spring cleaning time to get after it

02:33 I’ve got some work to do in here

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